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Bewdley museum is situated in the Georgian Town of Bewdley. Imaginative displays offer an insight into the history of the Town and Wyre Forest Area, while daily craft demos help to bring that history to life. Stroll through the gardens and orchards and stop off at our our cafe and gift shop on route.

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Everyday 10am-4.30pm

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Free of charge

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One wheelchair is available for use on site.
Access to the library is by prior appointment with the local history group.

For more information on events and facilities please visit our website.

Objects associated with local crafts - pewter and brass, rope making, charcoal burning and woodland crafts. Social history objects,clothing and domestic implements. Bewdley Museum also cares for the collections from the former Kidderminster Museum and Art Gallery and these include a large fine art collection, coins, medals, natural history, ethnography and a herbarium.

Collection details

Agriculture, Architecture, Archives, Coins and Medals, Costume and Textiles, Fine Art, Inland Waterways, Natural Sciences, Personalities, Social History, World Cultures

Key artists and exhibits

  • Lord Leighton
  • Brangwyn
  • Clay pipes
  • Coracles
Resources listed here may include websites, bookable tours and workshops, books, loan boxes and more. You may need to scroll down or click on headers to see them all.

A Georgian Town

An interactive look at the age where Bewdley grew from its small settlement to the busy trading port of the 1700s. By looking at fashion, education, building styles and much more, pupils will see how Britain dragged itself from the dirty past to a new age.
KS2 March - September 10.00am - 12noon or 12.30pm - 2.30pm

How to obtain

Telephone Monica Rees, Education Officer 01299 403573 or email

Beside the seaside, beside the sea

Sun, sand and sea. Travel and new places. Fun and Games!
A holiday at the seaside has been an important part of people's lives for generations. Your pupils and their families will all have memories of their best holiday, their favourite place, their best souvenir etc.
Through interactive pupil involvement in discussion, as well as the use of supporting photographic examples and replica and original artefacts, children will be able to develop an understanding of how the passing time has brought changes to a traditional annual event.
Available Monday 29th June - Friday 3rd June inclusive.
10:30am - 2:30pm (full day with lunch break)

How to obtain

Costs £2.50 per pupil - SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE
Suggested maximum number of pupils - 45
contact 01299403573

Bewdley trades

A look at the town's past trades - the cooper, the butcher, the pipemaker etc. Offering the chance to learn al about the wide variety of trades and crafts that helped to develop the town. A short illustrated introduction and the museum's collection of related artefacts for coopering, charcoal burning, besom broom making and many more, all help to illustrate a few of them.
Also included, an exciting hands-on session of ropemaking in the museum's ropewalk and clay pipe making demonstrations.
Available daily Monday 18th - Friday 22nd of May & Monday 1st - Friday 19th of June.

How to obtain

Cost: £7.50 per pupil, bookable via the Severn Valley Railway on 01299 403816

Blitz and evacuation

An outstandingly successful programme which offers a unique insight into the evacuation experiences of children and their families through an active and enquiring hand-on approach.
Following your arrival at the museum, our costumed interpreter Paul will introduce your group to life on the Home Front through the use of original artefacts and roleplay, as well as taking them into our unique and original on site air raid shelter to experience just how it really felt in the Blitz.
Available every weekday in May, June, July, September.

How to obtain

Costs £8.50 per pupil ( suggested maximum of 55 and a minimum of 20)
Contact 01299403573

Cannons and Sails - the Defeat of the Spanish Armada

Learn about life as a Tudor sailor, from scurvy to rotten ship's biscuits, and take part in the greatest sea battle of all time.
Presented throughout the season, subject to availability from 10:00-12:00 or 12:30-14:30.

How to obtain

Costs £75 for a half day, £150 for a full day (with an additional booking fee of £1.00 per student) suggested maximum number 60.
Contact 01299 403573

Divorced, beheaded, died... - The six wives of Henry VIII

Follow the fascinating story of Henry VIII and his six wives, learn about his early schooling and how he was taught the kingly sport of jousting.
Attend his six weddings and learn the outcomes of each... often gruesome!!
This programme also looks at the change from Britain's Catholic faith to the formation of the Church of England.
Presented throughout the season, subject to availability. 10:00am - 12:00noon or 12:30pm - 2:30pm

How to obtain

Costs £75 for a half day, £150 for a full day (with an extra booking fee of £1.00 per pupil). Suggested maximum of 60 pupils.

Education Bulletin

We offer many programmes for schools. Please phone Education Officer Monica Rees on 01299 403573 for more details or look at our website (address below).

Fire! Fire!

An exciting programme presented by 'Discover History' educational interpreters. The museum's history as a former fire station sets the scene for the devastating effects of fire with particular reference to The Great Fire of London in 1666.
The activity will look at the role of firemen from the earliest Roman times to the first introduction of the country's fire service. Use of artefacts from the museum collection ends with a 'Hot' hands-on session.
KS1 March - September. 10.00am - 12noon or 12.30 pm -2.30pm


  • Presented by Discover History

How to obtain

telephone Monica Rees, Education Officer 01299 403573 or email

Grandma's Attic

An educational programme using our Victorian and Edwardian and domestic collections to explore the contents of great,great,great grandma's house. The programme includes opportunities for observation and examination of many original artefacts and if required a vocabulary game to describe the objects. Includes hands-on opportunities to beat a carpet, use a washing dolly and tub and to try ironing great Grandmother's way.
KS1 & 2 Monday 22nd - Friday 26th June, Monday 19th - Friday 23rd October and Fridays in November (when available) 10.30am - 12noon or 1.00pm - 2.30 pm

How to obtain

telephone Monica Rees, Education Officer 01299 403573 or email

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot

Take a detailed look at one of history's most famous events. The day begins with an introduction to the early 1600's followed by a chance for your pupils to be part of a re-created plot.
KS2 Available everyday through out September. 10.00am - 12noon or 12.30pm - 2.30pm

How to obtain

Telephone Monica Rees, Education Officer 01299 403573 or email

Invaders and Settlers - anglo saxons

Who were these people and where did they come from? Why did they invade and settle in Britain? How have archeological finds help to explain their lifestyle and culture?
This programme aims to encourage pupils to ask lots of questions to discover the meaning of invasion and settlement whilst enjoying a hands on programme of activities including:
Making their own unique coil pot the Anglo Saxon way.
Creating a decorative but functional brooch with their own intricate patterns.
Finding out about what a drop spindle was and what it was used for.
Available Monday 8th September - Friday 23rd October including Fridays in November (when available).

How to obtain

Costs £4.00 per pupil, suggested maximum 60 pupils. 01299 403573

Invaders and settlers - Celts and Romans

How did the Celts live before the Romans arrived? Why did the Romans leave their own homeland and did they come to emigrate and settle or to invade? How did these two very different peoples eventually resolve their differences and live with their own cultures side by side?
This exciting programme looks at and compares both the Celts and their 'modern' Roman successors and how they unified the country to become Britannia.
Presented every day throughout the season subject to abvailability. 10:00am - 12noon or 12:30pm - 2:30pm

How to obtain

Costs £75 for a half day £150 for a full day (with an additional booking fee of £1.00 per pupil). Suggested maximum of 60 pupils.
Contact 01299403573

Invaders and settlers - Viking raiders

This programme sets the scene for a turbulent period in our country's history when viking raids on Anglo Saxon settlements led to resistance and battle.
Known also as the Norse people, they were often content just to steal, plunder and burn. But did they settle peacefully afterwards?
Viking homes, food, clothing and everyday lives will be included in this costumed presentation with interactive pupil enjoyment.
Presented every day through the season, subject to availability.
10:00am - 12noon or 12:30pm - 2:30pm.

How to obtain

Costs £75 for a half day, £150 for a full day (there will be an additional cost of £1.00 per pupil). Suggested maximum of 60 pupils.

My day as...

KS2 Portraiture using a painting from the museum's fine art collections - with resident artist Hillary Baker (available eptember and October only).
KS2 Creative batik or lino printing skills - with resident textile artist Roslyn Zalin.
KS2 Creative ceramics - with specialist artist Liz Clark.
KS3 Screen printing or... How art can lead to stereotyping people - with resident artist Hillary Baker.
KS4 Life drawing studies - with resident artist Hillary Baker. (available September and October only).

How to obtain

Please allow 2 weeks notice before your chosen date for the arrangements with the artist to be made.
Session costs vary depending upon necessary specialist materials, with an additional booking fee of £1.00 per pupil.
Please contact Monica Rees or Sue Duffield, Education Officers (9:00am - 4:30pm) 01299403573

River & Rail / Town Trail & Bewdley Trades

Linking with the Severn Valley Railway these programmes offer a unique chance to combine an exciting trip on a steam train with an informative hands on teaching session.
River & Rail - develops the history of coracles, a short illustrated talk, full size examples and a hands on model making session working in pairs.
Town Trail - Bewdley is used as an example of varied architectural styles followed by a hands on demonstration of brick making, wattle and daub and timber framing.
Bewdley Trades - learn about the wide variety of trades using the Museums varied artefacts & an exciting hands on session of ropemaking and claypipe demonstration.
KS2 - maximum 40 & minimum 20. Available every day Mon

How to obtain

£7.50 per student, coordinated my the severn valley Railway, contactable on 01299 403816

Roman Remains

This exciting programme brings Roman Britain vividly to life through a series of hands-on workshops including, the appearance of military life of a Roman Legionary, Roman buildings, towns, cities and family life.
KS2 - available weekdays from March - September. 10.00am - 12noon or 12.30pm - 2.30pm

Skip and Play - toys

An educational programme for KS1. Using some of the original toys from our collection, from wax dolls to Dinky cars. Children are encouraged to observe, identify and discuss the differences between old and new by looking at the designs and materials used.
A fun and informative observation and handling session and a hands-on rope making activity to produce your school's own skipping rope.
KS1 - Monday 6th July - Friday 10th July, also Monday 28th September - Friday 2nd October and Fridays in November (when available) 12.00noon or 1.00pm - 2.30pm

How to obtain

Contact Monica Rees, Education Officer 01299 403573 or email
£4.00 per pupil, suggested maximum of 45.

Town Trail - Bewdley

a practical look at building sites and developments which uses Bewdley as an example of a contrasting location to an inner city area. Pupils are given the chance to learn about the development of the town's varied architectural styles through a short illustrated introduction followed by a hands-on demonstration of brick making, wattle and daub and timber framing. Plus... the chance to look at other related Artefacts, as well as an 'eye spy' trail walk around the town to spot the examples illustrated.

How to obtain

This activity costs £7.50 per pupil and is bookable through the Severn Valley Railway on 01299 403816

Tudor Lifestyles

A complete presentation of the lives of both nobility and poor people in Tudor times offered in a separate hands-on activity session on a rotational basis.
FULL DAY: Dance, Recipes, and Remedies, Military Manouvres and Books and Quills.
HALF DAY: Dance (all), Recipes and Remedies (girls) and military manouvres (boys).
Dance: Elizabethan style.
Recipes and Remedies: the secrets of the Tudor kitchen.
Military manouvres: the Tudor soldier's life.
Available Wednesday 6th and Friday 8th of May, also Monday 5th - Wednesday 7th & Friday 9th of October. 10:00am - 12noon or 12:30pm - 2:30pm.

How to obtain

Costs £5.00 per pupil (note - additional Bewdley Museum booking fee of £1.00 per pupil)
Contact 01299 403573 suggested max of 60 and a minimum of 25 pupils.

Bewdley Museum
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