Science Museum leads nationwide KS3 Collecting Stories science project

By Rachel Hayward | 04 February 2010
Showing a group of people around laptop computers on a table

The Science Museum's Collecting Stories project 2009-2011. Courtesy the Science Museum

The Science Museum's Collecting Stories project is about to enter phase 2 and if you're interested in inspiring your KS3 secondary school students about science, this one's for you…

The Science Museum's Collecting Stories project aims to engage and inspire secondary school students in science by highlighting aspects of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) in museum collections and relating these to skills and content in the national curriculum. The project is due to run until 2011.

Museums and secondary school students collaborate in the project to develop a KS3 science resource for the museum. The project will give students opportunities to take science outside of the classroom and become content creators, for example curate a display case, develop and deliver performances to fellow students, or produce podcasts or animations. The resource will be showcased to the museums and the students' peers.

As part of the Collecting Stories project, the Science Museum is working in partnership with four museums in the South East and four museums in the North. 16 museums in total are involved nationally, including the Science Museum's sister museum, the National Railway Museum as an internal partner.

There will be a Dissemination event on Tuesday 30th March 2010. Teachers are welcome to come along and join museum education officers, as the Collecting Stories team would like to get their feedback on how they think projects such as this would work best with schools. Please note that places are limited.

There will also be two showcase events, on Tuesday April 20 2010 at the National Railway Museum and on Friday April 23 2010 at the Royal Marines Museum, where the school groups and museum education officers will present the resources they have developed whilst working on the Collecting Stories project.

To attend any of the events or take part in phase 2 of the project, please contact:

More information on Collecting Stories, can be found on the Science Museum website.

Collecting Stories is funded jointly by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) as part of the Strategic Commissioning Programme for Museum and Gallery Education.

The project aims to draw sustainable relationships with organisations to support the devlopment of museum collections, working with the SLIME network (Science Links in Museum Education), MLA (Museums Libraries archives) and scientists.

For a list of museum partners, please see below:

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