Bayeux Tapestry: teaching resources and ideas

By Rachel Hayward | 02 June 2010
Line drawing illustration showing Vikings invading on the shore

(Above) A scene from student Arran Macintosh's History of the British Isles, The Scroll of Britain, which was recently Highly Commended in the Macmillan Prize for Children's Books 2010, was inspired by the Bayeux Tapestry. © Arran Macintosh

Enthused by student illustrator Arran Macintosh's 32 page, 12 metre long illustrated history of the British Isles called The Scroll of Britain, we've gathered together resources based on his inspiration - the Bayeux Tapestry.

First off we recommend our kids' site Show Me's story on Arran's book and Bayeux Tapestry activities for your pupils.

Reading Museum
Reading Museum has a full-size, Victorian version of the Bayeux Tapestry on display. The Museum has a Bayeux Tapestry session for you and your pupils. Your pupils and their families can also go along to a free guided tour of the Museum's Tapestry every Sunday. Online resources are covered with the Museum of Reading's Britain's Bayeux Tapestry microsite.

The National Archives
The National Archives has a Medieval 1066 - 1485 section on its website where you'll find resources, workshops and videoconference offers. 20 years after William conquered England, he ordered the Domesday survey to assess how the land was used in order to exploit his tax revenue. Pupils can play a fun Domesday game and do the Domesday animal count.

English Heritage
English Heritage's Norman-related venues include 1066 Battle of Hastings, Abbey and Battlefield which also has a Battle of Hastings re-enactment every October. Don't miss nearby Pevensey Castle either. Pevensey was where the Norman Army first landed in 1066. Visit English Heritage's Education section for school visit information.

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