The Great Fire of London: KS1 resources from the Museum of London and more

By Rachel Hayward | 12 April 2010
Photo showing a 3D model of the Great Fire of London with

(Above) The Great Fire Experience - returning to the Museum of London from May 2010. Courtesy the Museum of London

No museum covers the Great Fire of London quite like the Museum of London and with The Great Fire Experience returning to the museum, we thought it was time for a fiery resource round-up.

Key Stage One online resources
A great place for you to start is the Museum of London's microsite London's Burning The Great Fire of London 1666. Here you'll find excellent background detail - the facts and figures as well as a timeline, an image bank of Great Fire objects in the museum's collection - and for your pupils, there's The Great Fire of London game where they get to help fight the fire.

Screenshot the Museum of London Great Fire of London 1666 game with a cartoon look boy and female servant standing in front of the Thames River and a burning skyline

(Above) The Great Fire of London game.

The Great Fire of London game
Created by the Museum of London in partnership with The National Archives, London Fire Brigade Museum, National Portrait Gallery and London Metropolitan Archives, The Great Fire of London game is a really accessible way for your pupils to learn about the disaster, especially with its cartoon look and easy to follow dialogue and activities.

We suggest you use the resource over the course of a week; by going back to the interactive in daily chunks, your pupils will get a better feel of the actual time span of the Great Fire. Then they can build up their understanding of how experts have used artefacts from the time to piece together the story with the 'How do we know?' activities as well as compare then and now, for example with fire fighting equipment. There are also matching games and quick response games where the pupils have to try and put out the fire or hook down buildings to stop the fire spreading. We really like the way the resource allows for plenty of different interaction from the pupils.

Museum of London: online Factpacks
We also recommend the Museum of London's online Factpacks: Investigate the Fire of London and The Great Fire of London - Day by Day via the Stuart, Commonwealth and Hanoverian London (1558-1837) resources section.

Screenshot showing the My Learning interactive Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire with a cartoon looking Samuel Pepys looking over into the garden of his neighbour who is burying some possessions in the garden to protect them from the fire

(Above) Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire interactive from My Learning.

My Learning: Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire interactive
Try our Culture24 Great Fire of London canned search for more resources and information. Here you'll find listed Samuel Pepys and the Great Fire of London 1666. This interactive from Museums Sheffield: Graves Gallery is on the My Learning website - an MLA-funded project showcasing free learning resources from museums, libraries and archives in Yorkshire and the North West. What we particularly like about this interactive is that it has a printable storyboard where pupils can fill in the speech bubbles. There is also a handy recap activity at the end of the interactive where pupils have to place events in chronological order.

Getting out and about and school visits
If you're in the capital and fancy doing some pavement pounding, why not download the museum's audio Great Fire of London Handheld Walking Tour?

Click on the link for more details of what's on offer at London museums for your schools based upon The Great Fire of London.

More on the venues and organisations we've mentioned:
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