AccessArt is looking for school involvement in its creative Studio Project

By Rachel Hayward | 12 February 2010
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Courtesy AccessArt

News: AccessArt is looking for schools to get involved in its community-based Studio Project .

The AccessArt Studio Project is encouraging schools to become involved as a way to engage their pupils further in creative activity. Schools will host a 'studio' for the length of a one-off activity or longer project that serves its pupils during the day and the wider community in the evening or at the weekend.

AccessArt will provide hosts with the support they need to set up their studios, or if the studio space or education room is already established, then support in terms of workshop ideas, teaching, resources and audience. Some of this support might be financial, for instance in the form of materials but mostly this support would be in the form of advice, shared resources, and help with establishing making activities via workshop leaders or CPD. AccessArt would then continue to support the studio by helping to build a programme of activities, further sharing of resources and ideas and access to the AccessArt Studio Community via the AccessArt website.

All studio hosts will be encouraged to give something back to the AccessArt Studio community, for example by sharing their experiences and making their ideas accessible to others, via the AccessArt site.

In the first instance, the AccessArt Studio Project will focus on Cambridgeshire and will roll out to other areas at a later date.

AccessArt would like to hear from anyone wanting to register their interest in the project. More information and how to register an interest can be found on the AccessArt website.

More on the venues and organisations we've mentioned:
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