Online resource round-up: ancient Greeks

By Rachel Hayward | 09 November 2009
Showing an ancient Greece WebQuest with a drawing of a temple and notes and questions in boxes for the pupil to help them with the WebQuest

(Left) One of the many great ancient Greece online teaching resources from the UK museums: the Tales of Troy interactive. Screenshot courtesy Museum Network

Online resource round-up: ancient Greeks

Here's a list of the online offer from UK museums (then just scroll down the page for more details and links):
1.Background info - from a British Museum one-stop website
2.Timeline - including a kid-friendly timeline
3.Buildings and architecture - houses and temples
4.Pottery - including a pot making interactive
5.Ancient Greek Olympics - WebQuest
6.Ancient Greek Myths and legends - interactive quizes and stories: including Tales of Troy and Heroes etc.

Showing the Ancient Greece webiste from the British Museum with a map of the world and a Greek pot

(Right) The Ancient Greece website from the British Museum. Screenshot courtesy the British Museum

1. Background info
The British Museum's Ancient Greece microsite is a useful overview site we like. Although it's been around a while, there's so much here - from Daily Life to Festivals and Games and War. There are stories and challenges too as well as reliable background detail that also link to some of the other resources featured below.

2. Timeline
Here's a timeline for you from the British Museum's Ancient Greece site…and a timeline for the class from Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery's site BM&AG for Kids. When you get through to the site, just click on the Ancient Greece section in the menu on the left of the screen and the timeline is in 'About Ancient Greece'.

There's also a Greek Timeline worksheet in the Ancient Greece section that your pupils can use to fill in key dates too. Click on 'Printable Activities' for that.

Showing an ancient Greece WebQuest with a drawing of a temple and notes and questions in boxes for the pupil to help them with the WebQuest

(Left) The British Museum's WebQuest Guide to Greek Temples. Screenshot courtesy NMOLP

3. Buildings and architecture
The British Museum has the Greek House Challenge interactive.

Or why not set your class the British Museum WebQuest Guide to Greek Temples? Pupils discover ancient Greek buildings and then make their own spotter's guide.

Screenshot showing the online pot making interactive for kids from Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

(Left) A screenshot of the online Greek Pot Painter interactive from Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. Screenshot courtesy BM&AG for Kids

4. Pottery
fun filler
Pupils can design their own pot and fire it in the kiln - online with Greek Pot Painter. A fun, easy game in the Ancient Greece section of BM&AG for Kids.

explore more
The British Museum's Ancient Greece website has a detailed section all about pots where pupils can:
- find out about the different pot shapes, look close-up at the designs and see what they tell us about daily life in ancient Greece
- use the images to help them with creating their own Greek pots.

Screenshot showing a WebQest about the Ancient Greek Olympics and modern day game with a photo of footballer Theo Walcott on the screenpage

(Right) A screenshot of the Ancient Greek Olympics WebQuest from the British Museum. Screenshot courtesy NMOLP

5. Ancient Greek Olympics
Pupils compare the ancient Greek sports to the modern Olympics in this British Museum WebQuest Ancient Greek Olympics

Screenshot showing one of the screenpages of the story of Orion the hunter with text explaining the story and coloured drawings and on this page the picture is of the hero brandishing a spear as he rides his horse and chases a boar

(Left) A screenshot showing the National Maritime Museum's the Story of Orion the hunter. Screenshot courtesy NMM

6. Ancient Greek Myths and legends
The Museum Network has a Greek And Roman Myths microsite. Their Tales of Troy trail which tells the tale in the form of a quiz can be used by pupils on their own to discover the story of love, vengeance war and a golden apple… not to mention the horse. Just click on 'Trails' when you use the link above and then 'Troy'. The other trails, including Heroes are worth a look too.

The National Maritime Museum's Stories of the Skies has simple, illustrated stories of the Greek myths including the story of Orion the hunter plus constellations and the museum's star maps and globes.

And finally ... real life venues
Don't forget our Search box at the top right of this page where you can look for museum venues with Ancient Greece-related objects and artefacts.

When you've typed in your search term e.g. 'Ancient Greek' and have got through to the search results, then click on the term 'Venue' on the right-hand side of the screen to refine your search.

There's also a list of useful venues in the Referenced venues below...

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