Stone Age teaching resources from the UK’s museums

By Rachel Hayward | 02 February 2011

Photo showing a young child in a blue construction hard hat gazing up in awe in a cave
© Creswell Crags
Stone Age teaching resources from the UK’s museums

A virtual Stone Age
We love Virtually The Ice Age, the online learning resource from Creswell Crags (see photo above), where pupils can discover more about the Stone Age, including: Stone Age people, archaeology and excavation techniques, and the natural world.

Don’t miss Could You have Survived The Ice Age? section with a quiz and more info about Stone Age art, camp sites and the tools Stone Age people used. Great images used too.

More photos of Stone Age objects
Explore more Stone Age objects in the British Museum’s online collection.

Show Me…Prehistoric Britain
Our kids’ site Show Me has a Prehistory section with Stone Age-related activities and other resources for your class.

The latest is a National Museums Scotland make your own wolf mask activity
with a link to resources on author Michelle Paver’s Chronicles of Ancient Darkness book series.

More on the venues and organisations we've mentioned:
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