Calling all young collectors - Caboodle is here!

By Mark Slawinski | 30 September 2009 | Updated: 02 February 2011
A picture of a screengrab from a website for children

(Above) Caboodle gives children the creative freedom to display their collections

Caboodle is Culture24's latest, fun, free and safe collections website for children. On it, children become digital curators to exhibit their precious things as well as photos of the world around them. These collections could be stickers, Lego, clothing, shells, artwork, bike bits, books or anything else that springs into a child's mind.

Caboodle guides their choices by presenting the following categories; Arty, Nature, People, Random, Toys and Treasures. While using the site, children will be able to browse samples of amazing collections, presented to us by our pioneer museum partners.

A picture of a screengrab from a website for children

There are many amazing museum objects on the site to inspire children

They may then create a set in response, learn new facts about the nation's treasures or be inspired to start a new collection of their own.

The Royal Armouries have already caboodled two sets of outstanding content including Elephant Armour, Henry VIII's "Horned Helmet" and a mysterious and exotic "Dasta Bungha" from the 16th century.

A picture of a screengrab from a website for children

The Royal Armouries have become heavily involved in Caboodle content

And it's not just the digital caboodles. The Royal Armouries are hosting an exciting project in partnership with Caboodle, the "History Challenge Days". Pupils from regional schools will attend several sessions at the museum, culminating in a personal chronology caboodle on the site.

Other museums have signed up and opened their doors to the Caboodle project. One of the really exciting aspects of the site is its ability to allow young people to have fun describing collection items on a museum's behalf.

Storrington Museum in West Sussex recently let a group of young caboodlers take photos of their collection, and the resulting caboodle can be seen in various categories on the site, including this one.

A picture of a screengrab from a website for children

Young people can document collection samples on behalf of museums for the site

If you'd like to have some kids caboodle your collection for the site, follow this link.

Caboodle presents an opportunity for museums to playfully "repackage" a sample from their collections. We've had three great sets from English Heritage, a sample of the Designated Collection from the Horniman Museum along with their must-see giant walrus, and various action-packed caboodles from the Jorvik Viking Centre and The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. We've also received shots of ancient objects from Colchester Museums and Wiltshire Heritage.

All this, along with the many other museums signed up, means kids can view a wealth of educational and exciting content in one place at one time.

We are really excited to hear from museums who want to collaborate with us on this project, and you can get in touch here. With your input and the playful responses kids will produce, this brand new Culture24 website will become something truly special.

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