Invitation to tender: the new Culture24 smartphone application

By Culture24 Staff | 12 July 2010
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A photo showing a graphic mock up of a smartphone

The Culture24 smartphone application - what might it look like?

Culture24 is looking for either an individual developer or a small company to create a smartphone application that will make available our current and expansive database of venues, events and listings to mobile phone users.

"Your guide to what's happening near you in the world of museum, gallery and heritage culture"

The app must have geo-locating capabilities as well as ability to enter a location via free text entry (possibly postcode recognition as well as city/town/county) and a design that allows for all smartphone developments (BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Symbian etc). You should also demonstrate knowledge of the market shares for our target market.

Whilst the main drive of the app is applying a geo-locating facility to our event and venue specific data, a successful bid will provide a participative element, engaging the user in an imaginative way to differing elements of our available content. Please explore the Culture24 site to identify the variety and quantity of information available.

Date of issue: 13th July, 2010.
Deadline for Submission: 12 noon on Friday, 6th August, 2010.
Date of Interview: Tuesday 10th August, 2010 at the Culture24 office in Brighton.

The successful bidder must have:

  • Experience of developing similar applications on relevant platforms.
  • Confidence to act in a mobile application 'expert' capacity, to steer on functionality, to deliver the best product according to our data assets. Although Culture24 already has ideas these are not absolutely prescriptive.
  • Ability to clearly stipulate abilities and approaches and be able to demonstrate these relevant abilities with an up-to-date portfolio containing recent examples of work executed.
  • Transparent and agile project management processes and key milestones in order to cater for stakeholder input and sign off. All parties should have access to a collaboration tool - such as Google Docs, Basecamp- for (e.g.) sharing work iterations and logging any changes in milestone dates.
  • Experience of working in the cultural sector is desirable.

The successful bidder will advise Culture24 in an 'expert capacity' in both how to monitor performance metrics indicating the level of the application's success and what does and doesn't work with location based applications. This should be based on demonstrable data.

Download the full tender information as a pdf.

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