Robot – A Collection of Robots, Cyborgs and Androids, Historic Dockyard Chatham Smithery

By Ben Miller | 14 March 2011
A photo of a red robot against an intergalactic backdrop of the universe
Intergalactic entertainment at the Smithery this spring
Exhibition: Robot – A Collection of Robots, Cyborgs and Androids, No.1 Smithery: The Gallery, Historic Dockyard Chatham, Chatham, April 4 – June 17 2011

As one of the finest new venues in the country, the No.1 Smithery at Chatham has proved an impressive home for contemporary art since opening last July, hosting two exhibitions already.

It branches out in spectacular style for this new show, ushering full-size robots, parts, film props, costumes and collectibles into the space.

A photo of a robot with a white head next to one with a black head
Animatronic blockbuster stars take centre stage
Famous androids such as the Planet Robot inspired by the film Forbidden Planet, a vintage Robocop and a B9 torso from the hands of original Dalek builder Andy Shaw lie in wait, as well as Sonny – last seen alongside Will Smith as he tore in desperation across cities in the film I, Robot – and “fembot” Grace.

A lurking Terminator and Judge Dredd provide the invincible bodyguards for the show, and a series of workshops and activities during the school holiday periods give families the chance to win robot-themed party games, build a giant robot sculpture and order monsters around via handy radio controls.

  • Riveting Robots activities take place on the weekends of April 9-23, April 29 – May 2 and May 28 – June 5.
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