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A photo of a young museum visitor looking at objects from space history as part of the Above and Beyond exhibition at the National Maritime Museum in London

Above and Beyond at the National Maritime Museum: A place to let your inner kid run wild

From the first photo taken of Earth from deep space to the latest technology and experiments, the National Maritime's Museum fun new exhibition is deceptively scientific, discovers Rachel Teskey.

A photo of a large ancient diesel engine inside a museum next to large open windows

Object of the Week: The 90-year-old Gardner 4T5 at the Anson Engine Museum in Cheshire

For our latest Object of the Week, we bring you one of the most revered engines at the much-loved museum in Poynton.

a photo of documents, notebooks and other ephemera

Culture Minister slaps export ban on John Logie Baird TV treasure trove

A treasure trove of materials relating to John Logie Baird’s first-ever transmission of trans-Atlantic television pictures is at risk of being exported unless a UK buyer can be found to match the £78,750 asking price.

a photo of five robots lined up in an office with a small football

National Football Museum gets technological upgrade as new exhibition opens with robots and gadgets galore

New exhibition at the National Football Museum brings together art, technology and sport to examine how they interact with each other.

a split screen of three young people speaking

Surveillance and cyberbullying: The British Library's Magna Carta for a Digital Age

The British Library has revealed the top 10 clauses in its Magna Carta for the Digital Age vote, with government censorship and cyber-bullying scoring high among young online voters.

A photo of a woman in a wetsuit standing next to a sailing vessel inside a blue museum

"The ultimate in speed sailing": Moth master White aims to break women's nautical speed mile

Hannah White, the endurance sailor who will attempt to break the women's nautical speed mile record in 2016, has been introducing her Moth boat to the public at the Science Museum.

a photo of the inner workings of a clock

Guinness World Record for pendulum clock vindicates John Harrison 250 years on

Derided as "absurd"at the time, John Harrison's claim to making the world's most accurate clock has finally been proven - 250 years later - with a Guinness World Record award at the Royal......

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