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Bedlam: The Asylum and Beyond dives headlong into mental health at the Wellcome Collection

Are museums the right place for discussions about social issues, and should their exhibitions tackle them? Rachel Teskey takes a look at the Wellcome's new show, which starts with the 13th century Bethlem Royal Hospital.

A photo of an early example of an artificial right leg, made for Erskine House between 1914 and 1918

This is the only surviving artificial leg made in Glasgow for a limbless First World War soldier

This is the only known surviving Erskine leg. It’s a right leg made for Erskine House - then known as a hospital for limbless sailors and soldiers - at some point between 1916 and 1918.

A photo of an ancient section of dissected skin against a black background

Object of the Week: Jeremy Bentham’s 184-year-old skin sitting in a box in London

The philosopher Jeremy Bentham could never be accused of hypocrisy. A firm rationalist, after his death in 1832, and according to his instructions, he was publicly dissected and displayed. This is his skin.

a multi-dimensional photograph of a human skeleton

Burke's skeleton to human body parts: New app opens up University of Edinburgh’s Anatomical Collections

We take a look at the grimly fascinating collection of the University of Edinburgh’s Anatomical Museum, where a new interactive app has been launched to open it up to people worldwide.

A photo of the front page of an ancient medical book with black ink on the front

Object of the Week: Scotland's first medical book, to be read out to people infected by the plague

Scotland's first printed medical book was inspired by the plague that broke out in 1564-69 and published in response to it.

A photo of a plastic white hand on a black cushion on top of a wooden floorboard

Bone saws, surgeon chairs and scalpels: See the 19th century exhibits once used at Worcester's Infirmary

Ahead of the Infirmary's Museums at Night 2015 event, we take a look at 11 exhibits from the venue and the nearby Elgar Birthplace Museum in Worcestershire.

A photo of two small dissections of brain

Brain fields, cocaine cravings and OCD: Public to be given inside story of scientists' latest experiments

Scientists working with art say that the magnetic fields in our brains change when we lie to our bosses, listen to crying babies or watch visual illusions.

A photo of a man sitting at a table eating a burger wearing a suit with blonde hair

First art exhibition on Mad Cow Disease to take place at London's Hayward Gallery

Former Turner Prize nominee Roger Hiorns, who has explored BSE alongside scientists as part of the History is Now series, says the time is right for a "reassessment" of the crisis.

A photo of a person silhouetted against a large glowing yellow scientific cylindrical machine

Culture24's top ten Science and Nature stories of 2014

Charles Darwin's notebooks, Patrick Moore's BBC scripts and David Livingstone's African beetles were a few of the big science stories covered by Culture24 this year. From Russian mammoths to......

Ancient hypnosis techniques which spawned Freud's couch revealed in madness, murder and mental healing

The case of Anna O, the "brilliant and fragile" woman cured by the hypnosis tricks Freud would abandon, is one of the tales told in a new set of stories launched by the Wellcome.

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