Astronomy fans head to Newcastle for six-week intergalactic masterclass

By Culture24 Staff | 11 March 2009
a photo of people in an planetarium

A six week course will be held in a state of the art dome at Newcastle's Centre for Life

The evolving universe, the life and death of stars and the sights and sounds of the solar system are among the subjects on offer to astronomy fans as part of a new six-week course taking place at the largest planetarium in the North-East next month (April 2009).

Newcastle’s Centre for Life is launching the series of lectures for anyone with a keen interest in the subject, led by experts from institutions including Durham University and Northumberland Astronomical Society.

“This is a very accessible series which is designed to appeal to anyone with an interest in astronomy,” announced Ian Simmons, Director of Science Communications at the Centre, which will accommodate the sessions in a state-of-the-art dome theatre.

“We’ve all looked up in wonder at the night sky and wondered just exactly what’s up there. People through the ages have been fascinated by the moon, sun and stars and the possibilities of space journeys, time travel, darkness and light.”

A Mini Archaeology lecture series is also planned at the Centre later in May 2009, covering the heritage of European and Asian civilizations including Neanderthals, Ice Age hunters, Egyptians and early farming communities in Newcastle.

Course starts on April 2 2009 and runs on consecutive Thursdays until May 7, 6.30pm-8pm. Course fee £30 including refreshments. Call 0191 243 8223.

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