Science Museum To Reignite The GM Food Debate

By Ben Miller | 18 November 2008
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Debating at the Science Museum's Dana Centre. Now the Museum is about to explore the debate surrounding GM foods. Courtesy Science Museum

The controversy over genetically modified food is being thrown open in a new exhibition launched by the Science Museum next month.

Aiming to galvanise the public into entering the debate through a better understanding of the issues concerned, Future Foods will reveal the latest scientific evidence on GM technology and the alternatives, asking whether it can provide any solutions to the current global food crisis.

“We’re looking at a debate in an area which has been very topical this summer, but there hasn’t necessarily been a large amount of information provided. What we want to do is to give people more information without taking a stance,” says organiser Emma Hedderwick.

The first part of the exhibition gives a pro GM viewpoint, including explanations of the concept, and the second is a “no GM” contrast, arguing alternatives.

“Trying to get the balance right is something we’re always discussing,” says Hedderwick, who will be inviting visitors to quiz experts and express their opinions at the museum’s Dana Centre in January.

“It’s something visitors will have talked about in the pub or with their friends, so they want to join the discussion. We let them speak to the scientists, because there is an awful lot of discussion to be had. We feel it’s more about the debate than right or wrong.”

The Future Foods exhibition will open on December 17 at the Science Museum’s Antenna Gallery. A follow-up debate on GM foods at the Dana Centre will take place on the 22nd of January 2009.

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