Andy Goldsworthy Works Inspired By Tatton Park, Cheshire

By 24 Hour Museum Staff | 04 September 2007
photo of a fallen tree with its hollow filled with concentric rings of sticks around a hole

Wood Ball. Courtesy Tatton Park

Earlier in 2007, the internationally acclaimed sculptor Andy Goldsworthy returned to his native Cheshire as part of a residency at Tatton Park.

Tatton is now showcasing photographs of the series of works created during the ‘oneplace’ residency – a landscape-based contemporary arts programme at Tatton. The exhibition runs from September 8 to 30 2007.

On display are images of works inspired by the diverse landscape of Tatton’s formal gardens and parkland, composed of the natural materials found in the grounds.

The ephemeral and beautiful nature sculptures include the leaves of a chestnut tree transformed by a small but perfectly round hole punched out of them.

photo of tree branches with a single circle cut out of the leaves

Leaf Hole. Courtesy Tatton Park

Wood Ball, meanwhile, weaves branches into a sunken nest with a tunnel-like hole in the centre.

“We are thrilled once again to show work from Andy Goldsworthy,” said Brendan Flanagin, General Manager at Tatton.

“Fresh from the critical success of Andy Goldsworthy’s exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Goldsworthy has drawn inspiration from Tatton’s Beech Avenue, one of the earliest planted avenues on the estate.”

“His work explores and celebrates both the life and death of these historic trees. His use of the roots of a storm-damaged beech is one of the most powerful works in the series.”

Also on show will be a visual display about the work created by Canadian composer Christopher Mayo during his recent oneplace residency.

Future artists coming to take part part in oneplace at Tatton will include sculpture partnership Sam Clayton and Mark Jacobs and sculptor and filmmaker Samantha Donnelly.

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