Inventors take inspiration from Phoenix Nights for Mini Maker Faire's giant KerPlunk at MOSI

By Culture24 Reporter | 20 July 2012
A photo of a man applying paint to various square shapes coloured yellow and red
Inventor Gary Allen takes a look at some Connect Four discs© Chris Foster / MOSI
“They mention a giant KerPlunk in the TV series Phoenix Nights,” muses Tony Stamp.

“We’ve built what we think is the largest KerPlunk ever made. I’ve always enjoyed playing the game, so we thought it would be good to try and make one ourselves.”

A photo of a man pouring multicoloured balls into a giant see-through container
Tony Stamp prepares for a KerPlunk© Chris Foster / MOSI
Working with accomplice Gary Allen, Stamp – a DJ who found the flashing electrodes from his lighting kit particularly handy – has crafted a two-metre high version of the classic 70s game out of recycled materials (including an old display case for a rocket) found at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

They’ve also made a massive Connect 4, played with giant discs shaped from recycled polystyrene, as part of a playground of human-sized games being offered up to visitors as part of the forthcoming Mini Maker Faire, a glorious geekfest of 50 “pioneering and creative” types with a passion for invention.

“My 11-year-old daughter, Alice, suggested making a giant KerPlunk set for it,” says Allen.

“We thought it was a great idea. If it puts a smile on peoples’ faces then I think that’s a good job done.”

Crazy Golf, Pong, etch-a-sketch and an Operation Game (made from a shop mannequin) also feature in the Faire, which visits Manchester for the first time after enjoying enthusiastic outings in Derby, Newcastle and internationally.

  • Mini Maker Faire takes place at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester from July 28-29 2012. Admission free.
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