Merseyside Maritime Museum Beer Goggles event promotes importance of personal safety

By Ruth Hazard | 27 April 2012
A picture of a man and woman completing a challenge while wearing goggles
Visitors try their hand at the beer goggles challenge
Event: SAFE@SEIZED! Merseyside Maritime Museum, Liverpool, until April 29 2012

Merseyside Maritime Museum is offering visitors a chance to get their "beer goggles" on this weekend, but for once you won’t have to worry about the hangover.

As part of a two-day event that aims to highlight the importance of personal safety and wellbeing, the site is challenging guests to put on special eyewear which will graphically demonstrate what it’s like to drink too much alcohol.

a girl holding goggles
They will then be asked to try and guide a remotely-controlled toy car around cones and build a plastic pyramid while wearing the goggles.

Visitors also have the chance to take on a Customs officer’s role in an activity that involves rummaging through packages to find simulated illegal drugs and contraband.

To promote the importance of an active lifestyle, the site is also running workshops teaching circus acts and Chinese dance.  Big-top skills on offer include stilt-walking and juggling.

”These activities encourage visitors to make safe choices and to consider risks,” says Seized! Education manager, Joyce Parr.

“We use a combination of serious interactive talks and fun activities in order to raise awareness and share these important messages with as wide an audience as possible.”    

  • Activities run 12-4pm Saturday and Sunday. (museum open 10-5pm). Admission free. More information on the website.
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