Stars, galaxies, smashed bananas and frozen flowers in World Museum Liverpool science fun

By Ben Miller | 15 March 2011
A photo of a light brown skull with hollowed-out eyes
© National Museums Liverpool
Event: Science Week, World Museum, Liverpool, until March 19 2011

The fifth floor of the World Museum Liverpool’s famous William Brown Street home is an amazing vantage point to survey the rest of the city from.

On Friday, organisers will poise a series of telescopes and binoculars across the hall, aimed at the night sky above Liverpool but capable of seeing planets and stars in solar systems far beyond it.

The intergalactic adventure is the highlight of a week of free activities at the venue, including aquatic-themed face-painting, talks on marine communication and scientific experiments deploying liquid nitrogen to freeze and smash bananas and flowers.

Tables and chairs made of driftwood will connect the land with the coast, prints from the botany collection will illustrate Captain Cook’s pacific plant discoveries, a nature-based quiz will run through the galleries and films will reveal how plants adapt to their environment and why the extinction of certain species holds a wider threat to life on Earth.

The colourful major exhibition, Inside DNA, will also host fingerprint taking sessions with a resident forensic expert and DNA bracelet-making based on gorillas, hissing cockroaches, flesh-eating bacteria and monarch butterflies.

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