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a photo of a large abstract wall painting

A Very British Artist: River and Rowing opens new permanent John Piper Gallery

A new permanent gallery at the River and Rowing Museum in Henley-on-Thames, the home town of John Piper, has opened to celebrate the artist's life and work.

a black and white photo of two boys with greased rock and roll haircuts and drapes

How Ken Russell's photos of Teddy Girls and Teddy Boys captured Britain's first teenage tribe

In the post war years Ken Russell travelled the blitzed world of East End estates and fun fairs photographing Teddy Girls and Boys - and captured the birth of the teenager in Britain.

a head and shoulders photo of a young woman with short hair and a pink dress

The Dandy Lion Project: Brighton Photo Biennial's fascinating foray into black male dandyism

Curator Shantrelle P. Lewis on the black dandy phenomenon and her collection of contemporary images of black dandies from Europe, the US and Africa.

A photo of a deep sea diver

Archaeologists have dived to the remains of an 18th century Dutch ship wrecked off the Kent coast

The wreck of the Dutch East Indiaman, which sank on the Goodwin Sands off the coast of Kent in January 1740, is being revisited by marine archaeologists from Historic England and the Netherlands.

A photo of a silver medallion at Winston Churchill's former home, Chartwell

Winston Churchill's wooden speech box, cow medal and books: Ten things from his Chartwell home

Curators at Chartwell, Winston Churchill's Kent home, have launched a £7.1 million appeal to buy many of his personal items and open more of the property. Here are ten objects.

A photo of the cliffs at Seven sisters and birling gap in sussex

Could archaeologists be about to uncover an early Bronze Age settlement on the cliffs of Seven Sisters?

Archaeologists are about to get to work on a coastal site they describe as a mystery in their field, with laser scans, environmental scanning and analysis of microscopic snails all planned.

A photo of the inside of reading gaol where oscar wilde was imprisoned

You could step inside Reading gaol, the Victorian prison where Oscar Wilde served a two-year sentence

Ministry of Justice-sanctioned tours will begin next month at Reading Gaol, the Victorian prison where Oscar Wilde spent most of his time as Prisoner C.3.3.

An overhead photo of archaeology work at an outdoor world war two trench system

Archaeologists have found an officers' toilet in a replica German trench made in the Hampshire countryside in World War One

The "Bedlam Trenches" - designed a century ago to replicate the German systems at the Battle of the Somme - have been excavated by Wessex Archaeology during an intense two-week dig.

A black and white photo of people involved in the 1960s and 1970s punk movement

Photo-punk: Images from the Birth of Punk and a guitar attacked with an axe by the Damned

The early years of punk in the UK are the subject of a new exhibition by photographers Kevin Cummins and Ian Dickson, who shadowed the likes of The Sex Pistols, The Damned and The Clash.

A photo of a laser overhead scan of a roman road in chichester, sussex

Archaeologists find lost Roman road and prehistoric farming system in the South Downs

Archaeologists have spent decades speculating about one of the roads built by the Romans in their huge network of roads across the south of England. Now laser scanning has traced it.

a photo of a patch of fleur-de-lys patterned tiles

“You always find the best stuff on the last day”: Unearthing a medieval tile floor at Westgate Oxford

British Archaeological Award Best Project winner, Ben Ford of Oxford Archaeology, on finding a medieval mosaic tile floor during the spectacular Westgate Dig in Oxford.

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