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A photo of the reconstructed face of a 6th century man found at a crypt in Edinburgh

Facial reconstructions show how murdered 6th century men and women might have looked

Archaeologists have used a mass burial found beneath an Edinburgh car park to create facial reconstructions of four people from 1,500 years ago.

A photo of the handwritten final letter of mary, queen of scots written in 1587

Object of the Week: Mary, Queen of Scots' final letter - "I am to be executed like a criminal"

On February 8 1587, at 2am on the morning of her execution, Mary, Queen of Scotland, wrote to her former brother-in-law, the French King Henry III.

a photo of a framed poem signed by Robert Burns

Robert Burns admits to being worse for wear in poetic response to party invite

A recently rediscovered and authenticated Burns manuscript in which the Bard responds to a party invite and admits to having a hangover is to go on show to the public at Paisley Museum and Art Gallery.

a photo of a stuffed gorilla

Can museum taxidermy help primate conservation? Monkey Business conveys a serious message

A vast collection of new taxidermy specimens is to be revealed at National Museum Scotland in the most comprehensive exhibition on primates ever staged in the UK.

A black and white photo of glasgow boxer benny lynch

Benny Lynch, Scotland's "greatest ever sporting legend", honoured in Glasgow on anniversary of famous win

A one-day exhibition at Glasgow's Central Station, where iconic boxer Benny Lynch was met by thousands of fans following his world championship win 81 years ago, is celebrating his career today.

a photo of a large outdoor archaeological site on the coast of Scotland's Ness of Brodgar

A huge mysterious structure has been discovered under the largest Neolithic rubbish dump in Scotland

A mysterious ten-metre wide structure and a set of huge slabs have been discovered in one of the final trenches dug at a historic site on an Orkney ness.

A photo of Roman pottery found at a site in Scotland

Archaeologists might have found a Roman oven at a former fort annexe in Scotland

A Roman socketed bolt-head, ox-goad, hobnails and a possible oven have been discovered by archaeologists at Camelon, a former Roman fort near Falkirk.

Hunter-gatherer bones at unique Scottish site of human remains shows enduring appeal of prehistoric marine diet

The bones of six hunter-gatherers found on a small island in the Inner Hebrides show that people kept up a coastal diet even after the arrival of agriculture in England after 4000 BC.

A photo of a small round iron age artefact excavated by archaeologists in scotland

Thumbpots and roundhouses: Unravelling the mysteries of the Scottish Iron Age with the Whithorn Trust

Last year, archaeologists began excavating a set of roundhouses on a boggy island at an Iron Age settlement near the Scottish burgh of Whithorn. Graeme Cavers, of The Whithorn Trust, tells the story.

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