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A photo of scientists looking at a molecular graphene material in manchester

Wonder Materials: Graphene and Beyond at Manchester's Museum of Science and Industry

Could a carbon revolution be about to happen? The first major exhibition on the magical material strongly suggests the future is graphene - with a little help from leading artists and scientists.

A photo of a person wearing colourful glowing clothing in artist Kasia Molga's Human Sensor

A big societal change? The hi-tech clothing that changes colour to show air pollution

Artist Kasia Molga's Human Sensor is a design for clothing with colours that change according to the pollution on the streets its wearer walks down. It's about to premiere in Manchester.

A photo of wildlife in Chernobyl at Manchester's Museum of Science and Industry

Cameras capture Chernobyl's thriving wildlife 30 years after world's worst nuclear disaster

A two-day virtual reality event in Manchester is about to show what life looks like in Chernobyl - 30 years after Reactor 4 exploded.

A photo of two young women walking along a street eating chips during the 1960s

Grafters: Visions and Voices of Industrial Society offers amazing photos from the past at Manchester's People's History Museum

Ian Beesley, the photographer and Honorary Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, tells Culture24 about his exhibition portraying the industrial north which is about to open in Manchester.

A photo of the front of a book about black magic

Magic, Witches and Devils in the Early Modern World: New exhibition shows diabolical encounters and ghosts from centuries ago

A new exhibition at Manchester's John Rylands Library looks at how the supernatural affected everyone from kings and queens to clergymen and maidservants.

A photo of a Gilbert and George artwork showing a man's face beneath news slogans

"Giving needs to be encouraged": Major dealers' donation to Whitworth aims to fly flag for non-London museums

A pair of art dealers who have donated six key pieces of art to Manchester's Whitworth say their aim is to redress the balance of "quality and scope" between museums in London and elsewhere across......

A photo of a footballer's head recreated as part of a football exhibition

The history of football gaming in 11 objects: Aguero's head, Pele and FIFA at the National Football Museum

Artworks and curious exhibits allow the public to explore the close links between football and gaming in the National Football Museum's new show in Manchester. Take a look at some of them.

A photo of a mannequin in a huge blue dress within a darkened gallery space as part of the Art Textiles exhibition at the Whitworth in Manchester

Art_Textiles at the Whitworth Art Gallery: Buzzing with symbolism and struggle

From a quilt created by early 20th century Indian freedom fighter Surya Sen to the artists who perceived themselves as working in "craft ghettos" during the 1970s, Angelika Rusbridge takes a look at......

A photo of a glowing sign reading Palac as part of Matthew Darbyshire's An Exhibition For Modern Living at Manchester Art Gallery

Artist's Statement: Matthew Darbyshire on Tate, shopping malls, smoking shelters and student halls

As An Exhibition For Modern Living, surveying ten years of his career, opens at Manchester Art Gallery, the artist tells us about some of the works in the show.

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