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A photo of a set of bones of scottish soldiers discovered in durham

Deprivation and deportation: What the teeth of the soldiers found in a mass grave in Durham can tell us

The teeth of the soldiers discovered in a mass grave in Durham have already given experts an idea of what their lives were like, says Dr Pam Graves of Durham University.

A photo of a series of bones from scottish soldiers found at durham university

"These are men who fought and died together": Dismembered soldiers found in mass grave to be reburied in Durham

The separated remains of thousands of soldiers killed at the Battle of Dunbar, one of the shortest and most brutal battles of the 17th century civil war, will be reburied in Durham.

A photo of an installation by Janette Cardiff at Bishop Auckland Castle featuring speakers in a room

Artist puts 40-part choral performance through oval of 40 speakers at 900-year-old castle

Bishop Auckland Castle, the palatial home of the Prince Bishops of County Durham, is the setting for an "extraordinary" new installation by the Canadian artist based around a 16th century sacred composition.

Plaque problems and pipe clenching: Take a look at the teeth from the 17th century soldier skeletons found in Durham

What was life like for the Scottish soldiers found buried in two mass graves at Durham University? Most of them had plaque, according to the latest scans made by the archaeological team.

A photo of a red, brown and gold samurai breastplate

Object of the Week: A breastplate from a set of 18th century samurai armour

Japan's samurai soldiers may have seemed fearsome through their armour, but they were actually patrons and producers of the arts centuries ago.

A photo of a copy of William Shakespeare's First Folio showing A Midsummer Night's Dream

Object of the Week: William Shakespeare's First Folio, as owned by King George III

Printed in 1623, this copy of the First Folio has been left open at A Midsummer Night’s Dream as it makes its first appearance outside of the British Library.

A photo of an installation view of work by artist Hajra Waheed at Baltic Mill in Newcastle Gateshead

Power games over the sky: Artist Hajra Waheed brings first solo UK show to BALTIC

Raised in Saudi Arabia, Hajra Waheed grew up under strict regulations including the prohibition of photographic and video documentation by civilians. The Cyphers brings her observations to the......

a photo of two figures next to a cross

Archaeologists to excavate Lindisfarne in search of the elusive original monastery

DigVentures, the crowdfunding archaeological social enterprise, is backing a major excavation to discover the location of the first monastery on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne.

A photo of a time capsule from 21 years ago being removed from beneath a city lawn

Time capsule buried in Newcastle 21 years ago is removed from the ground - complete with letters, coins and cross-stitch

A time capsule buried beneath a civic centre in Newcastle has been excavated from the ground after 21 years following a reminder from a former pupil who was involved in the original ceremony which......

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