East Midlands

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A photo of a female archaeologist standing in a victorian plunge pool in northampton

Archaeologists have found a plunge pool which could have been part of a healthy living fad in the late 19th century

A plunge pool could have been created during a pre-war period when people valued the health benefits of jumping into cold water, say archaeologists helping to transform Delapre Abbey in Northampton.

A photo of a section of medieval graffiti found in a space at lincoln cathedral

Archaeologists have found medieval graffiti deep-carved into Lincoln Cathedral

Two bodies - one of which belonged to a woman - and medieval graffiti has been found as part of a £12.4 million restoration project at the site declared Britain's "most precious piece of architecture" by John Ruskin.

Photo of belt buckle from Leicester

This belt buckle was found in the simple grave of a Roman soldier in Leicester

An elaborate military belt buckle with a belt plate and strap end has been found with a Roman military man's skeleton in a mudstone grave in Leicester.

A photo of an archaeological excavation of a Roman skeleton taking place in Lincoln

Archaeologists have found skeletons from an unknown Roman cemetery next to two Roman roads in Lincoln

Two buried infants and the partial skeleton of a man came from a previously unknown cemetery near two of Britain’s most important Roman roads, say archaeologists

A photo of various Ice Age discoveries made by archaeologists at Bradgate Park in Leicester

Digs resumes at buried moat in Leicestershire park where Ice Age hunter-gatherers roamed and Lady Jane Grey was born

A late Upper Palaeolithic flint scatter and a medieval moat are the areas of interest for archaeologists returning to the 850-acre Bradgate Park in Leicestershire.

A photo of a human skeleton at Nottingham Castle

Lower half of Parliamentarian captain's Civil War body could be exhumed by archaeologists at Nottingham Castle

Experts hope to expose the remainder of a human skeleton and reunite it with the area from the chest upwards in a new excavation following the original discovery in 1978.

A photo of a yellowed sheet of paper telling the story of Newark during the English Civil War

Object of the Week: The news sheets relating the King's surrender days after the fall of Newark in the English Civil War

In May 1646, news sheets - now held in the town's National Civil War - confirmed that Newark had been taken during a Civil War clash between the Parliamentary and Royalist forces.

A photo of people taking part in a ceremony to create a plaque on a house in honour of Sunloch, the winning horse in the 1914 Grand National

A plaque has been unveiled in Leicestershire honouring the horse which won the 1914 Grand National

The horse which defied outsider odds to win the Grand National more than a century ago has been honoured with a plaque in Leicestershire.

A photo of the brown wooden wheelchair of Sir Thomas Fairfax, the Commander-in-Chief of the Civil War Parliamentarians

Object of the Week: The wheelchair of Sir Thomas Fairfax, the Commander-in-Chief of the Civil War Parliamentarians

Sir Thomas Fairfax led from the front during the 17th century Civil War, including suffering wounds 18 times and being shot in the shoulder in Yorkshire. He used this wheelchair during his......

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