The Staffordshire Pan

A copper alloy 'patera' or handled pan, more commonly known as The Staffordshire Pan. Decorated with 'Celtic-style' motifs and inlaid with enamel, the pan's most unusual feature is an inscription around its rim which lists four forts along Hadrian's Wall: Bowness (MAIS), Drumburgh (COGGABATA), Stanwix (UXELODUNUM) and Castlesteads (CAMMOGLANNA). It also incorporates the name of an individual: Aelius Draco. It's speculated that the pan may have been a souvenir or memento brought back to Staffordshire (where the pan was found) by a soldier serving at those forts.
Collection holder:
Portable Antiquities
Collection description:
A 'patera' or handled pan, known as 'The Staffordshire Pan', cast in copper alloy with elaborate enamelled decoration and a Latin inscription below the rim. The body of the vessel is convex and c.2mm thick, and the slightly out-turned rim has a round ...more
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