We Made it – Nuts, Bolts, Gadgets and Gizmos gallery opens at Thinktank Birmingham

By Culture24 Reporter | 21 February 2013

New Gallery: We Made it – Nuts, Bolts, Gadgets and Gizmos, Thinktank, Birmingham

A photo of three young children working with interactive textile shapes within a gallery
© Thinktank
Starting with Brum’s place as a global source of iron and steel and ending with insights into the wood and plastic behind modern cameras and mobile phones, Thinktank’s £900,000 new gallery features 20 interactive exhibits designed to satisfy young attention spans.

About 1,200 objects play their part. Cars and cows are here, as well as valuable jewellery, precious metals and gemstones and the aluminium and decorative glass the city is famous for materialising.

“Visitors will be able to engage with science through familiar themes and link earth’s resources with working machines,” says Janine Eason, the Director of Learning and Exhibitions, who’s included a Mini you can assemble while you’re there.

“Birmingham and the region has such a rich history of manufacturing. It will be fascinating for families to explore it. We are extremely excited about the opening of the gallery.”

The line between bits and bobs and shiny creations aims to relate to the National Curriculum. A series of workshops and activities will help kids make the most of the gallery throughout the year.

More pictures:

A photo of a woman and child looking at a small glass cylinder within a museum gallery
© Thinktank
A photo of two young girls sitting beneath a giant sculpture of a cow within a gallery
© Thinktank
A photo of a small boy holding a small glass cylinder inside an industrial history gallery
© Thinktank
A photo of a family smiling at interactive exhibits within a museum's industrial history gallery
© Thinktank
A photo of two young boys working with materials inside an interactive gallery space
© Thinktank
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