Staff at the National Museum of the Royal Navy choose their favourite items

By Culture24 Staff | 09 June 2011
The National Museum of the Royal Navy at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is marking the centenary year of a significant naval museum in the Dockyard.

Museum staff were asked to select their favourite objects or an object that had made a significant contribution to naval history from the collections...

An image of a sculpture of a woman reaching out
Fundraiser Erica New says the HMS Eurydice Figurehead is her favourite face in the Victory Gallery. "I remember walking past it when I was new to the Museum and it caught my eye because of her outstretched hands and the expression on her face," she recalls. "I read up about Eurydice and I found out that she wasn’t some kind of evil goddess, but actually her story was very sad - she was being carried off into the underworld, away from her husband"
A photo of a large stone naval case
Events Assistant Roxy Martin-Cottee loves the Arkell Sea Chest. "This chest has a really personal feel about it," she says. "It is quite literally a sailor's complete life in a box"
A black and white photo of part of a metal sledge
Resources Officer Julie Gray is a fan of the Sledge and Skis Belonging To Petty Officer Williamson. "It's an example of how the navy has links to all sorts of other things in history that people might not necessarily think of in connection with us," she observes.
A photo of a scaled down model of an elegant ship
Learning Officer Claire Jordan picks the Prisoner Of War Ship Models in the Sailing Navy Gallery. "I think they reveal the personal cost and stories of big conflicts and make them seem more human," she adds.
A photo of a large naval bell from a ship
Curator of Photographs Stephen Courtney's favourite item is the Bell from the Rescue Ship, Rathlin. "Although they were not glamorous, the rescue ships performed a dangerous and vital job and were a reassuring presence for the other ships in the convoy," he points out. "They should be better remembered for saving so many lives."
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