Painted plaster death mask of James Bloomfield Rush, England

Phrenology is a pseudoscience that studies the lumps and bumps of the skull in order to determine a person's character. This plaster copy of the death mask of James Bloomfield Rush, who murdered his landlord Isaac Jermy and injured Mrs Jermy and a maid in 1848, is thought  to have been part of a set of phrenological heads known as 'murderers' row". It may have been made by the famous Tussaud waxworks, who donated it to the Wellcome collection in 1936.
Collection holder:
Wellcome Library
Collection description:
James Bloomfield Rush (1800-1849) murdered Isaac Jermy (his landlord), and injured Mrs Jermy and the maid at Stanfield Hall, Norfolk, England, on 28 November 1848. Rush became known as the ‘Killer in the Fog’ and was hanged for his crime on 21 Ap ...more
made: 1849-1900
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