Imperial War Museum launches online Google exhibitions for Holocaust Memorial Day

By Culture24 Reporter | 25 January 2013

The Imperial War Museum has teamed up with Google to deliver two hard-hitting digital exhibitions for Holocaust Memorial Day.

a harrowing painting of a people stumbling through the wasteland of a concentration camp
Belsen Camp: The Compound for Women, 1945, by Leslie Cole© Imperial War Museum
The two virtual displays, which appear on Google's new venture into online exhibitions, Cultural Institute, mine the IWM's collections to explore two aspects of the Holocaust.

Kindertransport explores some of the stories of the 10,000 Jewish children transported from Nazi-occupied Europe and brought to Britain on the eve of the Second World War.

The exhibition features the few possessions that certain children brought with them, from ice skating boots to a set of coat hangers inscribed with "Für liebe Kind" ("for the beloved child") and the stories behind these items.

The Liberation of Bergen-Belsen portrays the plight of those held at the notorious concentration camp, near the town of Belsen in north-western Germany.

As the Nazis retreated from the Allied advance, thousands were left to fend for themselves, starving and dying of malnutrition and typhus and surrounded by thousands of unburied corpses.

When British troops liberated the camp they found unparalleled scenes of devastation and human degradation. Using letters, objects, paintings and more, the online exhibition depicts some of the stories.

The exhibitions follow the IWM’s D-Day exhibition on the digital platform, which is designed to try and bring history to a wider audience online.

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a photo of a sheet of music paper with a sketch of two youngsters playing recorder music on hammocks between two trees
A drawing sent to Ruth Neumeyer, who was evacuated by the Kindertransport from Dachau in 1939. Both Ruth's parents were killed in the Holocaust© Imperial War Museum
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