In Pictures: Operation Dynamo at Dover Castle

By Culture24 Staff | 06 June 2011
Combining original news-reels and recordings with special effects and testimonies from veterans of both the beaches and the tunnels, the opening of Dynamo: Rescue from Dunkirk at Dover Castle this weekend brings a major two-year project to a captivating end…

A photo of a silhouette of two men working on exhibits in a military museum
Workmen install a projector as 60 metres of the underground tunnels are transformed into the skies and seas above Dunkirk of May and June 1940
A black and white photo of naval men and women plotting maps at sea during the Second World War
The coastal artillery operations room, which served as the command centre during the evacuation, is being restored to its wartime look and feel© Dover Museum and Bronze Age Boat Gallery
A photo of curators working on a table inside a ship museum
Where plotters once pored over maps, now curators are putting the finishing touches to the room where they conspired
A black and white photo of a man in a suit being led through wartime defences
Prime Minister Winston Churchill (pictured with the mayor of Dover) made several visits to Dover Castle and the wartime tunnels© Imperial War Museum
A photo of a female curator polishing a wartime board in a museum
Curator Joanne Gray ensures the Gun Operations Room is ready to welcome visitors
  • Open 10am-6pm. Admission £9.60-£14 (family ticket £41.60). See Culture24 this week for more on Operation Dynamo.
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