Battlefield Britain - 2000 Years Of Conflict On British Soil

| 23 January 2006
BBC Battlefield Britain

The BBC series Battlefield Britain spanned 2000 years and told the story of eight key battles fought on and over British soil. See the spoils of war and discover the story behind these violent clashes at a museum or historic site with Culture24's Battlefield Britain trails. Follow the Culture24 Trails below to find key locations, museums and heritage sites you can visit to find out more.

From Boudicca's destructive rebellion against the Romans to the incredible feats of 'The Few' who saw off the Luftwaffe, these battles all had wide-reaching consequences and implications for the future of these isles.

In conjunction with the BBC, Culture24 created eight trails that are designed to show you the best places to visit around the country to get a real idea of what happened.

Click on one of the links below to see the spoils of war and discover the story behind these violent clashes at a museum or historic site near you.

Shows a photograph of a statue of Boudicca on her chariot. She is holding a whip and the two horses pulling the chariot are rearing up.
Boudicca's Rebellion Against The Romans

Culture24 follows in the footsteps of that greatest of rebels, Boudicca to see where you can go to find out what really happened when she stood up against the mighty Roman Empire.

Shows a photograph of an actor dressed as a Norman soldier, wearing a helmet with nose piece, holding a spear and a large shield.
Medieval Warfare At The Battle of Hastings

Heralding the beginning of the Norman Conquest, the Battle of Hastings, when William faced Harold on the south coast, was one of the bloodiest and most important battles ever fought on British soil.

Shows a brown seal which has the image of a king imprinted onto it.
Owain Glyn Dwr And The Battle For Wales

While the BBC series took a look at a decisive battle of the Welsh rebellion, Culture24 goes off in search of its great leader, Owain Glyn Dwr.

Shows a photograph of a painting of Sir Francis Drake. He is wearing a black coat with a belted waist and a ruff collar.
Follow the Trail Of The Spanish Armada

Britain’s defeat of the Spanish Armada was a victory against one of the great sea-going nations. Our trail follows the dramatic events helped seal the British reputation as a seafaring people.

Shows a photograph of a portrait of Oliver Cromwell. He has shoulder-length hair and a moustache. He is wearing armour on his arms and a young boy is arranging a sash around Cromwell's waist.
Routing The Royals: The Battle of Naseby

The battle of Naseby saw Oliver Cromwell's New Model Army win the decisive battle of the English Civil War, effectively bringing an end to the absolute power of the monarchy.

Shows costumed re-enactors firing a volley from their muskets.
A Clash Of Kings: The Battle Of The Boyne

Looking across the Irish Sea, this Culture24 trail tells the story of the Battle of the Boyne - the effects of which are still having consequences in everyday life in Ireland today.

Shows a shot of kilted men charging across a field with their swords drawn.
Culloden: The Jacobites' Last Stand

Culloden was the last pitched battle on British soil and brought an end to Bonnie Prince Charlie's rebellion, securing the crown of Britain for the House of Hanover.

Shows a photograph of two men dressed as RAF pilots sat on chairs. There is a plane in the background.
Their Finest Hour, The Battle Of Britain

The final instalment looks to the skies and the RAF's struggle to prevent a Nazi invasion in the darkest days of WWII when Britain stood alone.

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