Greetings card addressed to Miss Stone from W Abrahams thanking her for a sleeping cap

One of several greetings cards addressed to a Miss May Stone, from Cheshire. This card printed in Paris has written on the back:

"Souvenir From Behind The Firing Line

Dear Miss Stone,
I thank you very much for the sleeping cap. I find it very warm and I appreciate it very much. I hope this will find you quite well as it leaves me in good health. I Remain Sincerely, W. Abrahams"

Collection holder:
Europeana 1914 - 1918
Collection description:
Greetings cards addressed to Miss Stone [May Stone], George Street, Altrincham, Cheshire, England. Some are embroidered and colourful with patriotic scenes of flags, anchors etc. These include: a 1914-1915 card (inscription "Souvenir from behind the ...more
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