First World War

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A photo of an early example of an artificial right leg, made for Erskine House between 1914 and 1918

This is the only surviving artificial leg made in Glasgow for a limbless First World War soldier

This is the only known surviving Erskine leg. It’s a right leg made for Erskine House - then known as a hospital for limbless sailors and soldiers - at some point between 1916 and 1918.

An overhead photo of archaeology work at an outdoor world war two trench system

Archaeologists have found an officers' toilet in a replica German trench made in the Hampshire countryside in World War One

The "Bedlam Trenches" - designed a century ago to replicate the German systems at the Battle of the Somme - have been excavated by Wessex Archaeology during an intense two-week dig.

A photo of a world war one mark four tank at thiepval near the somme site in belgium

Object of the Week: The First World War Mark IV tank used in Steven Spielberg's War Horse

The Tank Museum's Mark IV replica - a cameo star of Steven Spielberg's War Horse, made in 2010 - has travelled to France for the Somme commemorations.

a photo of a group of men dressed as First World War soldiers talking an elderly man holding a photo

We're here because we're here: Jeremy Deller's Somme tribute in pictures

Images from Jeremy Deller's 14-18NOW Somme Centenary tribute, 'were here because we're here', which saw ghostly soldiers appear at locations across the UK.

a film still of a drawn animation depicting a British soldier in a tin helmet

Battle of the Somme Centenary: Poignant exhibits and stories from UK museums and galleries

Explore the objects and stories marking 100 years since the Somme - from metal limbs and diaries to poetry and Christmas cards written on trench biscuits.

A photo of a woman serving in the Order of St John Ambulance Brigade Hospital during world war one

Hundreds of women saw the horrors of the Battle of the Somme. Here's what they faced on the first day

A new book, Sisters of the Somme, revisits the experiences of the women who served with the Order of St John Ambulance Brigade Hospital between 1915 and 1919. Read an extract here.

A photo of World War One soldiers wearing gas masks from an exhibition at London's Science Museum

Arms, eyes and masks: Ten chilling exhibits from the Science Museum's World War One Wounded exhibition

As the new exhibition exploring the experiences and treatment of combatants and carers in World War One opens, take a look at ten key exhibits.

a photo of a group of wounded soldiers walking down a road during the First World War

Britons know "little or nothing" about the Battle of the Somme, says National Army Museum

As we approach its 100th anniversary, new research by the National Army Museum suggests that most Britons know nothing or little about the Battle of the Somme.

an abstract painting of a windmill

Hughie O'Donoghue's haunting Seven Halts on The Somme conjures a battlefield at Leighton House

Recalling the Battle of the Somme, Hughie O'Donoghue's labyrinthine landscapes go on show at London's Leighton House Museum for the Somme centenary.

a painting of a smoking gun deck of a battleship with several battleships in the distance

100 years since the Battle of Jutland: UK exhibitions mark the greatest sea battle of the First World War

Exhibitions, installations, events and web projects are being launched across the UK to mark 100 years since the Battle of Jutland, on May 31 1916.

A photo of World War One re-enactors going on a march to honour the Somme fallen

Famous Somme football charge recreated on anniversary of fire which destroyed WWI collection

On the first anniversary of a fire at a Surrey National Trust house which destroyed a First World War football, re-enactors will embark on a two-day march with an Edwardian-style replica.

A photo of an advert from the first world war

Remembering 1916: Ten amazing objects from Life on the Western Front

The battles of Verdun, Jutland and the Somme left a mass of untold stories and uncelebrated individuals behind. These ten objects help tell some of those tales.

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