Domino Theory: Don't miss DJ Yoda's Cold War-themed party for Museums at Night at the RAF Museum

By Ben Miller | 02 April 2015

King of the cut-up to return to RAF Museum for Cold War-themed party following adulation at last year's Museums at Night festival

A photo of a man standing in front of a massive aeroplane inside a museum
Following a storming set beneath a mighty plane at last year's Museums at Night, the irrepressible DJ Yoda is back at the RAF Museum this May© Courtesy RAF Museum
Tell us about your 2014 set at the RAF Museum...

“I DJ’d there last year as part of Museums at Night. They brought in Public Service Broadcasting, who I thought were a really good fit, because what they were doing at the time was very Second World War-related.

They asked if I could DJ as well because I’d been talking to Public Service Broadcasting about doing some gigs with them. I’m always into the idea of doing themed sets: it really appeals to me because I pretty much play every type of music anyway, and I always like just being given a kind of remit.

It’s good to focus things a bit. Sometimes I might play an all-country or all-reggae set...anything really, so that idea of playing at the RAF Museum and playing an all-Second World War set really appealed to me – a bit like that 30s cut and paste mix that I did.

It was wicked, it went down really well under a massive bomber. It was so good that we just thought 'how can I get involved this year and do something different?'"

What can we expect this time around?

“The way they’ve set it up this year is much less focused on the music and more on this immersive theatre experience.

It’s all Cold War-related, so when you buy a ticket you automatically become British, Russian or American and you have a base there.

They’ve got a whole series of events, the end of which leads to me doing a Cold War-themed audio-visual set. It’s going to be a pretty mental night in terms of loads of things going on.

I thought bringing the AV show would bring a different element to it, as well. It’s in the same room as last year but in a different place, a really cool place.

I went down there and we figured out a good way of doing it with the screens for the AV show, so it’s going to look wicked.”

How does playing in a great hall full of aeroplanes compare to your club nights?

“I know the museum because I don’t come from far from there. I grew up in north London and I remember going to the museum as a kid in the school holidays and everything.

I’ve kind of grown up with it there and it was just really crazy to go back and DJ – it’s not somewhere I ever thought I’d play.

It was pretty easy last year. I’m all about taking DJing and turntables out of the typical places where you might expect them.

I’m very used to setting up in weird scenarios. Last week I DJ’d on an American school bus in Southampton.

Every week I’m trying to do something different, just trying to push it a little further than just being in a club at two in the morning. What interests me is ‘how far can you push this DJ thing?’ Setting up in a museum under an aeroplane is just my kind of thing.”

You’re a fan of the live aspect...

“The whole new album that I’ve just released – Breakfast of Champions – has an overlay with what The Mouse Outfit do because I’ve got my own live band with it, three MCs with the band, two of whom work with The Mouse Outfit.

We’ve got Rex Domino, another MC from the south coast, and all these 11 people that I got together to create this band, which is a lot on stage.”

Any plans to dress up?

"Oh god no, I’m not really any good at dressing up – that’s not really one of my skills. I’ll dress in a t-shirt and jeans.

But I’m definitely going to experience the whole thing because it’s going to be really interesting and very different to the normal kind of thing that I do. When that happens I’m always up for checking out everything that’s going on.”

  • This event has been cancelled but look out for a special zombie-themed event at the RAF Museum in May. DJ Yoda presents Breakfast of Champions is out now.

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