Brontë cooking experience comes to Parsonage Museum in Haworth

By Jessica Keating | 27 April 2012
a photo of a woman with a cooking pot
Anne Dinsdale from the Brontë Parsonage© Brontë Parsonage Museum
We all know they could write, but did you know the Brontë sisters could cook too? Fans of the talented threesome can now Bake Like a Brontë as The Cooking School at Dean Clough in Halifax is teaming up with the Brontë Parsonage Museum in Haworth to offer a historical afternoon baking course.

Featuring food and recipes the sisters would have eaten; it also includes a chance to cook meals from the Brontë’s famous novels like Miss Templeton’s Seedcake from Jane Eyre.

Taking place on Sunday June 10 the course is the first of its kind to make this particular literary and culinary connection.

Brontë Curator Ann Dinsdale said: “Food and the kitchen were incredibly important to the Brontës both in their everyday lives and as an important source of inspiration for their writing.

“Emily loved to bake so we are definitely following in their footsteps and celebrating their love of food too. Haworth was also famous for its coffin-shaped funeral biscuits but we are not sure if there will be the same appetite for those in 2012."

As well as baking, the aspiring chefs will be shown cooking utensils including Emily Bronte’s bread loaf tin and a recently discovered jam pan that was used by the sisters in their home.

  • All profits from The Cooking School are gifted to the Focus on Food Campaign which, each year, teaches over 42,000 young people to cook and 2,500 teachers across the UK to teach cooking. Follow them on Twitter @cookdeanclough 
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