In Pictures: Home of Metal makes noisy arrival at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

By Culture24 Staff | 27 June 2011
A photo of a man in denim clothing reading a book about heavy metal
Rock fans have flocked to Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery for the start of Home of Metal, a show celebrating the Midlands as the birthplace of the heavy metal genre© Katja Ogrin
A photo of people looking at walls covered in newspaper cuttings
Part of a series of shows and events across the region, the display features walls of newspaper cuttings and posters chronicling the careers of some of the most raucous bands in history© Katja Ogrin
A photo of a room of factory objects covered in red light in a gallery
A recreation of the factories dotted around the area in the 1960s includes sound clips from Tony Iommi, the Black Sabbath founder whose fingers were maimed by the machinery© Katja Ogrin
A photo of mannequin rock star figures on a darkened glowing stage
A darkened stage at the centre of the exhibition immerses fans in the theatrical atmosphere of metal gigs, and allows them to take a closer look at some of Iommi's sound equipment© Katja Ogrin
A photo of a man playing a guitar inside an exhibition
Visitors can try their hand at playing vintage guitars and drilling out a few rolls on a drumkit. An impressive selection of wigs are also available to try on for size© Katja Ogrin
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