"Vanished" historic exhibit bought back to life at Chiltern Open Air Museum

By Culture24 Staff | 14 May 2009
a photo of a group of people with a lamb

(Above) Chiltern Open Air Museum Board Member and volunteer Verena Clark holding Textbook the Lamb, with Chiltern Conservation Board Members Cllr Alan Walters and Julia Wells looking on.

A vanished feature of the Chilterns landscape has been brought back to life at the Chiltern Open Air Museum thanks to a generous grant of £8,300 from the Chilterns Conservation Board.

Visitors to the Museum will have the chance to see the newly-constructed historic lambing fold project, which is already being galvanized with the birth of the new season's first lambs.

The new addition to the Museum's extensive range of rescued and reconstructed local buildings adds a fascinating insight into bygone lambing methods in the area, demonstrating local lambing practices.

Director Sue Shave said the "fantastic" agricultural acquisition would form a key part of the Museum's new Farm Development plan, thanking the CCB for their "very generous" funding.

Farm Manager Conway Rowland and his team of volunteers have been hard at work during the winter helping to construct the lambing fold, made using wattle hurdles mounted with thatch to construct the roof and chestnut poles and gate hurdles to create the walls.

As well as providing shelter for the ewes and their newborn lambs, the fold also provides shelter and living quarters for the lambing team – the shepherds would traditionally remain beside their flock constantly during lambing season.

The Museum was founded in 1976 with the aim of rescuing threatened buildings and has developed as a "centre of excellence" in the interpretation of the built heritage of the Chilterns area. The 45-acre site houses more than 30 rescued buildings, with a further 15 awaiting funding.

For further information visit the CCB online

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