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By Culture 24 Staff | 16 April 2009
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Their Past Your Future 2 Grant Programme, Awards Made in Year 3, 2009-2010:

Derbyshire County Council, East Midlands - Re:connaissance
Taking place in the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site this project will be centred on Belper in the Amber Valley Borough Council area but also cover other parts of the World Heritage Site, stretching from Masson Mill in Matlock Bath to Derby Silk Mill.

Nottingham City Library and Information Services, East Midlands - The Italian Connection: a story of identity and integration in post (Second World) War Nottingham
Working with both schools and Italian elders this inter-generational oral history project will highlight the economic and social developments that can follow conflict.

North Norfolk Railway, East of England - Train of thought
Young people will learn about the impact of WW2 on their local community by making a film - including interviews, artwork and drama - with veterans.

Bishop’s Stortford Museum, East of England - The boys next door: Bishop’s Stortford and the First World War
This project will explore the impact of WW1 on local individuals and work with the local youth theatre, music groups and schools to make the conflict relevant to the town’s modern community.

Farmland Museum and Denny Abbey, East of England - Conflict and Community: The Lasting Legacy of Waterbeach Barracks
This project will bring together children and veterans to explore and commemorate this army base, which is still active today, and its relationship with the local community.

Westminster Archives, London - Not Forgotten: Raising Awareness of the Meaning of Remembrance Day
Children from schools in Westminster and Bexley will visit Westminster Abbey and Westminister Archives.

Haringey Libraries, London - Haringey Charmed Life Project
African/Caribbean elders who came to Britain during the Windrush years and served in the British military during WW2 and other conflicts will be interviewed for book and DVD about their experiences, contributing to intercommunal and intergenerational understanding.

London School of Economics and Political Science Archives, London - Telling the Story of a Peace Movement
Young people will explore a wide range of issues relating to international conflict and peaceful protest through interviewing long-standing peace campaigners, developing vital research and communication skills in the process.

Eastside Community Heritage, London - Ireland – what was all that about then?
Young Muslim teenagers in East London will explore the role of the British Army in the Northern Ireland conflict by questioning former British soldiers and members of the British-based Troops Out Movement.

Orleans House Gallery, London - Impacts of War
Young people will curate and create an exhibition looking at the impact of conflicts around the world on the lives of people living in their local area.

The Women’s Library, London - Women and Peace
Refugee women and students of a local girls' school will be brought together to explore the theme of peace and produce an illustrated anthology of creative and life writing.

All Hallows by the Tower, London - Faith under Fire
Citizenship-linked learning resources exploring issues of faith and conflict will be developed, enabling pupils to greater understand the personal impact of war upon the Veterans of All Hallows church.

Islington Heritage Services, London - Barnard Park: Conflict, Change and the Urban Landscape
An investigation with local schoolchildren into Islington's Barnard Park, using GPR surveys and archival sources to consider how twentieth-century conflict and post-war regeneration affected the urban environment and civilian life.

Historic Royal Palaces, London - Challenging History
Four seminars will explore best practice for Their Past Your Future themed museum learning programmes and the wider dissemination of the results.

Seven Stories, the Centre for Children’s Books, North East
- “When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit” Drawing on the archive of celebrated children’s author Judith Kerr, this project will enable children and families to reflect on the experiences of families displaced by war and on the impact on their lives.

The Literary & Philosophical Society of Newcastle upon Tyne, North East - The Peace of Paper
This community led creative writing project will examine individual conflict related issues through literature, inspiring intergenerational understanding and creating an anthology and teacher resource pack.

The World of Glass, North West - Daily Life in St Helens During Conflict
Children and adults will share experiences about daily life in St Helens during, and immediately after, wars and conflicts, focusing on living history and producing a DVD resource.

Blackpool Council Cultural Services, North West - The Art of War: a 21st Century Creative Approach to Commemoration
In this investigation into how artistic interpretation influences our ideas of past conflicts and commemoration children will work with artists to explore archives and collections and produce their own creative interpretations.

People’s History Museum, North West - A City Speaks – life in Manchester during the Second World War
A Living History drama workshop based on local people’s memories will be produced and delivered, enabling schools and families to explore the impact of the WW2 on children.

Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery, North West - We also served
Local schools will explore the experiences of Muslim veterans from WW2 living in the local community, resulting in the production of a DVD and accompanying teaching materials suitable for teaching history and citizenship.

Cumbria Archive Service, North West - Business As Usual
Partners, veterans and young people will work together in creating a multimedia resource to understand the impact of World War 2 on Cumbria and its legacy through to the present day.

Lancashire County Museums Service, North West -
An intergenerational project inspired by the military collections of two Preston museums and the extended community of the Duke of Lancaster’s regiment, which will support school and family learning in the Preston community and leading to a shared understanding of conflict and peace.

Bolton Libraries, North West - Positive Futures
This creative writing & poetry based intergenerational project will explore issues around remembrance, peace and citizenship, and aims to encourage young people to reflect on the impact of conflict and to use that knowledge to develop a positive future for themselves.

Stockport Art Gallery, North West - Who Do We Think We Are?
This interactive community led exhibition will be supported by a radical programme of performing arts and is inspired by the real stories of ordinary people whose identity and citizenship were called into question one night in 1940.

Royal Pavilion & Museums, South East - Cinderellas of the Soil?
Land girls and Year 9 students will work together to produce a film about the girls’ wartime experiences, which will be used in a major exhibition at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery and throughout the city.

Royal Naval Museum, South East - Face to Face: Documenting experiences of conflict
Primary pupils will take on the role of documentary filmmakers and interview naval veterans (past and present) to produce short films and Remembrance Kitbags investigating experiences, changes in conflict and their impact on individuals and society.

East Sussex Record Office, South East - If it wasn’t for the War...
Participants will work together through research, reminiscence and oral history to explore the impact of WWII in local people’s lives in this collaborative project involving a local school, senior citizens in the early stages of dementia, their family carers, and other local organisations.

Cornwall Record Office, South West - “A safe place to go”: Evacuation in Cornwall
Young people across Cornwall will explore the idea of finding “a safe place to go” through comparing the WW2 experiences of evacuees and their families with contemporary experiences of migrant and travelling communities in Cornwall.

Wiltshire Heritage Museum, South West - Wartime in Wiltshire - the County and the Stonehenge World Heritage Site
A partnership project that will record and interpret the contribution of the people of Wiltshire during both World Wars, developing exhibitions, workshops and learning resources.

Bristol Museums Galleries and Archives, South West - Conflict and the Media - a Bristol perspective
Year 9 pupils will produce short documentaries exploring how the media portrays people and countries in times of conflict and how this impacts on identity, diversity and cohesion for people in Bristol today.

Staffordshire Library and Information Service, West Midlands - “Yes! We Have No Bananas” Food, Rationing and Austerity in Staffordshire
An intergenerational project that will explore issues of citizenship and local community identity through the stories and memories of food and rationing on the Home Front among the people of Knutton in Staffordshire.

Ryedale Folk Museum, Yorkshire - Ryedale’s Great War
A travelling interactive exhibition inspired by local author Herbert Read will be created to assist primary school children learning about the Great War, its impact on the people of Ryedale and its relevance to modern conflicts.

Bradford Libraries, Yorkshire - From the Grand Trunk Road to Britain
The Grand Trunk Road traverses the homelands of the vast majority of Bradford’s Asian Communities, and this project will explore how its political and military history shaped both their migration and their lives in Bradford today.

Hull Libraries, Yorkshire - When elephants fight…
The stories and experiences of conflict of local people from a diversity of cultures and generations will be collected, prepared and shared with a wider audience, to promote community cohesion.

Yorkshire Film Archive, Yorkshire - Still Moving
A film and photographic exhibition that will mark the 70th anniversary of the start of WW2 and capture its impact on the lives of people living in Yorkshire.

Royal Armouries, Yorkshire - Conflict then and now – exploration, learning, and resolution: an inter-generational education programme for schools
In this series of workshops children will interview people with conflict experience, including refugees and peacekeepers, while focusing on the nature of conflict, its resolution and how to work towards a more peaceful future.

Catterick Garrison Library and Information Centre, Yorkshire - Behind the Wire
Local school children and community groups will compare the effects of past and present conflicts abroad on family life at home.

York Museums Trust, Yorkshire - Reflections on War
This community curated exhibition (with supporting events) at York Art Gallery will inspire reminisces, remembrance and reflection, as well as demonstrate how artists have recorded and commented on war.

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