Hansard highlights published to celebrate 100th anniversary

By Culture24 Staff Published: 01 April 2009

a photograph of some books

© Deryc Sands, courtesy of Parliament

A special collection the parliamentary record, Hansard is to be published to celebrate the 100th anniversary of its official publication.

Records of Parliament had started back in 1803 but in the early twentieth century parliament decided to take control over the publishing of the records and 11 men were appointed to produce over night verbatim records of what took placer in the House of Commons.

The first full volume of Commons debates was completed on March 9, 1909 and now key politicians, political commentators and House of Commons staff have chosen their favourite speeches from the huge archive.

The collection of 46 contributions dates back to the Second World War and beyond and some of the speeches have been chosen by a number of people.

Geoffrey Howe’s resignation speech which spelt the end for the Thatcher premiership was chosen by three different Conservative back benchers.

The 506-page tome will be published on April 2, 2009 and will be available from the Parliamentary bookshop.

For more information go to www.parliament.uk or the History of Parliament Trust at www.histparl.ac.uk