Year Of Reading YouTube Campaign Encourages Young Male Readers

By Culture24 Staff Published: 23 December 2008

a screen shot of the YouTube website

Garron's Dares on the YouTube Website

A YouTube viral campaign has been set up to celebrate the National Year of Reading 2008, aimed at young male readers.

The campaign asks young readers to read and research a topic, enabling the online team to carry out a series of fortnightly dares with the information provided.

The protagonist, Garron, takes part in a series of dares with the public, including one where he uses reader information to convince old people in a shopping centre that he is a hip-hop director and gets them to "shake their booty" in a music video.

The readers are told to "Get that information so I can fool the nation," and "Get the knowledge you need – read."

The online campaign targets 11-14 year old boys who have become disengaged with reading in school. Running until Christmas, it aims to creatively engage with the target group by tapping into their online habits.

Young people have been sending in their research and ideas to the YouTube page, illuminating a fresh way of attracting a new audience, who can read and research subjects they are interested in.

The National Year of Reading 2008 has been lead by the National Literacy Trust and the Reading Agency in association with a number of other partners. For more information visit

To watch the set up of the hip-hop dare go to
and watch the actual dare here