Leeds Archive Project Tracks Lives For 21st Century Time Capsule

By 24 Hour Museum Staff | 05 February 2008
screenshot of the Timescapes website featuring a photo of a bride and her father

Timescapes will run over five years

The University of Leeds has launched a new archive project called Timescapes that will capture the daily lives of 400 people over five years, to create an early 21st century time capsule.

The £4.5m research project will examine the whole sweep of human relationships from the cradle to the grave; friends and family, parents and partners, getting together, breaking up and growing old.

“We are tracking people to explore how their relationships work out over time and how things change through the process of growing up and growing old,” said project leader Dr Bren Neale of the University’s School of Sociology and Social Policy.

The archive will be built up from in-depth interviews, observations, photographs, video and audio diaries documenting events and changes as they occur. The major archive, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, will be invaluable in the future to both historians and sociologists, as well as policy makers.

Find out more about the project at www.timescapes.leeds.ac.uk.

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