Friar Tuck spotted in Sherwood Forest oak tree

By Jenni Davidson | 16 January 2013
A photograph of an oak tree in the snow
The Major Oak in Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire© Nottinghamshire County Council

A shape resembling Friar Tuck has appeared in a famous oak tree in Sherwood Forest.

Nicknamed "the monk in the trunk", the figure emerged at the foot of the 1,000-year-old Major Oak after a fall of snow.

The snow has highlighted what looks like a fat man leaning against the trunk.

Within a few hours of a photo being posted on Nottinghamshire Council’s website it had been viewed by 1,800 people and liked 300 times on Facebook.

Viewers are currently debating whether the man looks more like Buddha, Winston Churchill or Friar Tuck.

Nottinghamshire County Council’s Paul Cook said: “Being so familiar with the legend of Robin Hood with Sherwood Forest being his historic home, we would dearly love it to be an image of Friar Tuck."

According to legend, the Major Oak was where Robin Hood and his merry men slept.

The Major Oak is one of the most iconic trees in the UK and was named one of fifty Great British Trees by the Tree Council in 2002.

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