Warriors of the Plains illuminates story of North American tribes at Ulster American Folk Park

By Culture24 Reporter | 19 October 2011
A photo of a colourful North American tribal headdress
Exhibition: Warriors of the Plains, Ulster American Folk Park, Omagh, until February 19 2012

What with the ceremonial rattles, flamboyant 200-year-old Canadian dance gear, feathered headdresses, natty moccasins, ceremonial regalia and battlefield rituals, you could say the ancient tribes of North America lend themselves to a certain amount of visual enthrallment.

Run in partnership with the British Museum, this look at warrior societies includes pictures of war dances, weapons, costumes and drawings, shedding new light on the amazing natives lying in wait for the first wave of immigrants to the USA.

"This is both a special and unusual exhibition," explains the London institution's Max Carocci.

"Warrior ethic was at the heart of Native American society and integral in social and ceremonial traditions.

"It displays age-old practice and culture and places them in a modern context, looking at how the warrior legacy stills hold much relevance for 21st century Native Americans."

A colour portrait of contemporary Assiniboine dancer Kevin Haywahe by tribal photographer Jeff Thomas and three rare lithographs by early 19th century painter George Catlin, illustrating historical aspects of Plains warriors' life and their appearances, are among the highlights.

More pictures from the show:

A photo of people staring at a colourful tribal outfit through a glass case
Feather headdresses, weapons, military insignia and a beaded military cap illustrate the role of the warrior
A photo of a man and woman reading a book while standing next to a case containing a North American tribal outfit
Objects representing diplomacy and peace treaties, such as pipes, complement items of bravery and honour such as clubs and tomahawks
A photo of two people taking a sideways glance at a piece of North American tribal headgear inside a case
Ceremonial costume, ledger drawings and modern regalia of contemporary Native Americans feature
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