Isle of Man wanderers around the world offer Oseberg Viking ship to Manx National Heritage

By Culture24 Reporter | 14 September 2011
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A photo of a group of people in suits standing in front of a wooden model of a longboat
The Dubai Manx Society and representatives from the World Manx Association hand over the Oseberg Viking Ship model to Manx National Heritage's Anthea Young
A model of a ship found in a Norwegian Fjord full of Viking grave goods more than 100 years ago has been given to Manx National Heritage in a symbolic gift from Isle of Man emigrants across the world.

The Oseberg ship was originally made as a trophy for annual longboat races held by the Manx Society in Dubai, based on a vessel excavated in Oslo by a pair of Scandinavian archaeologists in 1904.

Celebrating the centenary of the World Manx Association, the piece was handed over in a ceremony attended by members of the group and delegates from the heritage organisation.

The river barge was found with the remains of two females and a swathe of high status grave goods, dated to around 800 AD.

The original ship is on display in the Norwegian capital, and the Manx model joins a list of previous gifts including medals from the Manchester Manx Society.
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