Project Pigeon lands at New Art Gallery Walsall to celebrate local pigeon fancying heritage

By Culture24 Reporter Published: 22 August 2011

a photo of two pigeons in a loft
© Courtsy Walsall Art Gallery / Project Pigeon
Event: Project Pigeon, New Art Gallery, Walsall, Saturdays from September 3 - 24 2011

Pigeon fancying has always been popular in the West Midlands and now a project that fuses this passion with art, outreach and education is coming to the New Art Gallery Walsall.

Project Pigeon has been exploring the history and social impact of pigeon keeping in the region for the last two years by bringing together pigeons and people to effect social change.

The Arts Council funded initiative was started in January 2009 by Alexandra Lockett and Ian England who work at Ikon Gallery and Walsall Art Gallery. During the past two years the couple have set up a loft in Digbeth, raced their pigeons and even used them to deliver artworks to exhibitions.  

Now their project is landing in Walsall Art Gallery throughout September with a series of free events celebrating the Black Country's pigeon fancying culture.

On four Saturdays between September 3 and September 24 visitors will be treated to a series of pigeon-themed events ranging from expert panels and a pigeon exhibition to a day of pigeon-themed film screenings and pigeon racing.  

  • All of the events are free drop-ins with no need to book.
  • For full details of the events follow the venue link below.  

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