Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail & 24 HM Launch Joint Venture

By Richard Moss | 11 February 2005
shows an ornate Indian style corridor with portraits on the walls

The hallway leading to the Durbar Room at Osborne House, one of the many stops on the Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail. © Matt Morton/ English Heritage.

The 24 Hour Museum and the Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail announced on February 11, 2005 a partnership to develop and publish five Sikh Heritage web trails in English with Punjabi translations.

The trails, which highlight collections and locations relating to Sikh Heritage in the UK, will be published on both websites.

They are closely based on the resources and expertise found on the Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail, a major web-based project that draws together all relevant UK locations, institutions and artefacts relating to Anglo-Sikh history.

shows a pagoda style white memorial with a wreath of poppies laid at its entrance

The Chattri Memorial in Brighton commemorates the Indian soldiers who served and died during the Great War of 1914-18. © Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail.

“I welcome this partnership project,” said Harbinder Singh, Director of the Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail. “I think for us it is a natural expression of our aspirations to be working closely with larger institutions.”

Using their unique skills and knowledge base, ASHT have found a skilled translator who can transfer the 24 HM copy into Punjabi. The translation will then be turned into downloadable pdf files, easy to print out via the web.

After English, Punjabi is the most commonly used language in Britain; it is hoped the trails will be read by Punjabi readers, not only in the UK, but also across the world.

shows a black and white photograph of a Sikh gentleman stood over plans laid out on a table in the Durbar room at Osborne House.

Ram Singh at work in the Durbar Room at Osborne House. © English Heritage Photo Library.

"We hope the partnership helps the Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail project to develop their website,” said Jon Pratty, 24 Hour Museum Editor. “It will also allow 24 Hour Museum to benefit from their undoubted expertise in this crucial cultural sector."

The five trails cover London, the East Midlands, the West Midlands, The East of England and the South East. Both parties are aiming to have the trails 'live' on the ASHT, 24 Hour Museum and the recently launched 24 HM City Heritage Guides by the middle of March.

Trail production is currently under way, with 24 HM staff using the ASHT as a resource centre. Each trail features links to the relevant information on the ASHT whilst highlighting their ongoing research into Sikh-related collections and locations in the UK.

shows a photograph of an alcove in a church with Sikh battle flags adorning it.

Sikh battle standards at Lichfield Cathedral. © Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail.

“We are currently generating a number of volunteers from within the Sikh Community who are helping museums and institutions find out more about their collections,” added Mr Singh. Work is currently ongoing at the British Museum to highlight the nature and extent of the Sikh coin collection held there.

The information in the trails varies from details of objects in the major museums, such as the V&A and the British Museum, to the stories of how these objects got there.

Key locations already covered by the ASHT such as the Durbar Rooms at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight and the Sikh Battle standards at Lichfield Cathedral will also be featured as well as some new locations together with the fascinating stories behind them.

shows a colour photograph of a brick tower on the corner of a Victorian style hall building.

Caxton Hall in central London was the setting for one of the many events in the lead up to Indian Independence; the assassination of Sir Michael 0' Dwyer by Sikh, Udham Singh in 1940. © 24 Hour Museum.

"I think the essence of this project is about the development of our vision, which is a continued collaboration with major institutions - of which the 24 Hour Museum is a part,” added Mr Singh.

You can visit the Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail now and explore the wonders of Anglo-Sikh heritage by clicking on this link

The City Heritage Guides are a Culture Online government-funded project, designed to bring in more regional content to the 24 Hour Museum and to introduce the museum, gallery and heritage sector to new audiences.

More on the venues and organisations we've mentioned:
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