Psychic Investigators Capture Ghosts At York Castle Museum

By Richard Moss | 31 October 2003
shows a photograph of mysterious orb shapes in the Castle Museum

Photo: is this mysterious sphere evidence of spectral phenomena? Picture courtesy: Rachel Lacy.

Recent psychic investigations at York’s Castle Museum have unearthed so much ghostly activity that staff now believe the museum to be the most haunted in the country.

Housed in an eighteenth century prison, the museum was originally home to debtors, highwaymen and even murderers. Some, like Dick Turpin, spent their final night in the prison's cells whilst others were hanged there.

shows a photograph of mysterious orb shapes in the Castle Museum

Photo: the ghost hunters are already planning a return to spend a night in highwayman DickTurpin's cell, where he reputedly spent his last night before execution in York. Picture courtesy: Rachel Lacy

With such an unsavoury past and in the wake of reports of paranormal activity, York-based ghost hunters Psychic and Spectral Investigations, set up shop on the museum’s recreated Victorian street, Kirkgate, formerly the female prison exercise yard.

A night of unexplained footsteps and photographs of strange orb shaped phenomena ensued.

Rachel Lacy from Psychic and Spectral Investigations said, “there was a very high concentration of spirits in Kirkgate when we stayed at York Castle Museum, one of the highest we have experienced. We felt we were not alone but the feeling was not oppressive.”

shows a photograph of Kirkgate, a recreated Victorian street at the Castle Museum

Photo: this recreated Victorian street was once the prison's female exercise yard. Picture courtsey: Rachel Lacy.

Elsewhere in the museum the ghost hunters had a bumpier ride. Venturing upstairs to the Chapel Gallery, formerly the prison chapel, medium Diana Jarvis was most perturbed when she detected the presence of an ‘unhappy vicar’.

The claims back up the experience of several museum staff who have reported a litany of mysterious phenomena over the years, including chain rattling, ghostly voices and a strange scratching emanating from cells – there was even a ‘ghost dog’ spotted in the darkened galleries.

shows a photograph of mysterious orb shapes in the Castle Museum

Photo: Psychic and Spectral Investigations believe the mysterious orbs are a sign of spirits being present. Picture courtesy: Rachel Lacy

Visitors to the museum have also reported occasional spectral comings and goings including an old lady dressed in black sitting before a fireplace and the sound of a woman singing.

York has a reputation as one of the most haunted places in Europe and there are many guided ghost walks through the city. The Castle Museum is currently taking advantage of its developing supernatural notoriety with torch-lit tours over the Halloween period until Sunday November 2.

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