Roman treasure saved for nation goes on public display.

| 06 August 1999

The Haynes Hoard of 4th century Roman coins and jewellery is being exhibited at itsnew home, Bedford Museum.

Among the treasure, first unearthed at Haynes in Bedfordshire in October 1997 byhunters using metal detectors, are very rare pieces, including two silver coins ofEmperor Constantine III.

The find is considered so important that archaeologists have paid several subsequentvisits to the site in Plumbers Lane, a field where the treasure was discovered.

Ann Inseker, keeper of archaeology at the museum, said part of its fascination wasthat it had been collected over a long period, between 360 and 497 AD, the periodduring which the Romans left Britain after almost half a millennium. "It was alsoimportant because of the mixture of items, coins including the rare large silver coins,Miliarenia, and the more common Siliquae, but the jewellery and tableware as well.Some of these objects are unique" she said.

The hoard, designated treasure in May 1998, was acquired and mounted withappropriate security measures with the help of a Heritage Lottery Fund grant of£31,600, covering 75 percent of the costs.

The Haynes Hoard is on permanent display at Bedford Museum. For further information, ring 01234 353323.

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