Coffins, boxes, gods and plaques as Secret Egypt dispels myths in Shrewsbury

By Ben Miller | 17 November 2014

The fact and fantasy of Ancient Egypt in special archaeology exhibition touring in 2015

A photo of an elaborately-painted Egyptian mummy against a black background
Coffin of Namenkhetamun© Birmingham Museums Trust
There are 150 objects in Secret Egypt. Ceramics, jewellery, statues, coffins and mummies appear, with a simulation of a tomb chapel and burial chamber among the highlights of the archaeological evidence on display.

A photo of a carved egyptian bird on the top of a stone
Sokar, the god of resurrection© Birmingham Museums Trust
This is one of the first special exhibitions to be held at Shrewsbury’s new museum and gallery, which opened in the town’s old Music Hall in April. And the idea is to challenge preconceptions of a myth-surrounded civilization.

“The realm of ancient Egypt is something that continues to capture our imaginations,” explains curator Emma-Kate Lanyon.

“But often what we think we know has been distorted by the films, books and TV programmes that make it their inspiration.

“The exhibition is a chance to discover for yourself what is fact and what is fantasy. It’s a highly interactive show, rich in graphic images, films and hands-on learning activities.”

Among the misconceptions, the display aims to dispel sci-fi links between the building of the pyramids and extraterrestrial life. The science behind mummification and evidence of curses in Egypt thousands of years ago will also be explored.

  • Secret Egypt is at Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery from January 24 - April 26 2015.

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A photo of a carving of various symbols within a light brown wooden block
Wooden plaque with the of Ramesses III ½© Birmingham Museums Trust
A photo of an ornate orange and yellow box with various egyptian symbols carved on it
Shabti box, New Kingdom (1250-1050 BC)© Birmingham Museums Trust
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There's many explanations for the construction of the pyramids but not one positive answer.They always fail or avoid to answer how were the small shafts constructed that run from the "so called" burial chambers ( they cannot prove they were burial chambers at all !) And it is quite obvious how the "so called sarcophagus " in the "so called Kings chamber" was hollowed out. It was core drilled, you can see the circular striations on the bottom of it. They drilled granite with copper drills ? NO !
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