Discover Archaeology With Scottish Archaeology Month 2007

By Graham Spicer | 05 September 2007
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photo of a thatched hut surrounded by a wooden walkway next to a lake

Locations across Scotland, like the Crannog Centre near Kenmore, are hosting events throughout September. © 24 Hour Museum/Caroline Lewis

Scottish Archaeology Month 2007 is underway with events taking place throughout September.

Organised by the Council for Scottish Archaeology, this year sees more than 170 free events celebrating Scotland’s rich archaeological heritage, aiming to make archaeology more accessible to the public.

Events range from visits to live excavations, explanations of archaeological techniques and guided walks to demonstrations of ancient craft and weaponry skills, talks, exhibitions, re-enactments and special educational events.

A highlight is the Scottish Crannog Centre’s ‘snorkel archaeology’ sessions, where kids can don masks and snorkels and plunge their head and hands into a tank of water to find and then draw artefacts.

Tolbooth Museum in Aberdeen is running a re-enactment of 18th century events in the city - which included the kidnapping of children by local magistrates who sold them off as indentured servants in America, while Kilmartin House Museum in Argyll is showing an exhibition of the largest collection of prehistoric objects from Argyll ever gathered in one place.

a photograph of a large castle photgraphed from its pond and grounds

Visitors will be able to see excavations at Culzean Castle Country Park. © NTS

Visitors can see the excavations at Culzean Castle Country Park, Ayrshire from September 10-16, where archaeologists are searching for the remains of Scipio Kennedy’s house. Scipio was an 18th century enslaved African freed by the Kennedy family who gave him his own house on the estate.

Events truly span the ages, from explorations of the Antonine Wall, once the frontier of the Roman Empire, to a guided tour of Edingham’s World War Two munitions factory near Dalbeattie.

Many of the results of the CSA’s Adopt A Monument (AaM) scheme will also be showcased for the first time during the month, and a full list of events plus a downloadable guide to what’s going on are available on the Council for Scottish Archaeology website.

The month coincides with Doors Open Days, where many of Scotland’s buildings, monuments and historic sites not normally accessible to the public are opened up for special visits.

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