Day of Archaeology 2013 invites world to dig in

By Culture24 Reporter Published: 23 July 2013

Day of Archaeology, the annual round-up of everyday extraordinariness witnessed by archaeologists, will return for a third time this Friday.

A photo of a huge brown archaeological pit showing various stone-like revelations
Archaeology is a sphere of almost unique inclusivity. Rarely are enthusiasts and experts as closely intertwined in each other’s work as they are in excavation projects such as the one along Hadrian's Wall this summer, and organisers are inviting personal or professional contributions from everyone across the sector, from casual volunteers to experienced researchers.

Describing a day in their lives, last year’s contributions ranged from tales of digging beneath an 18th century garden to a comic courtesy of the esteemed Museum of London Archaeology.

With the exception of Antarctica, every continent has been represented so far. More than 300 entries were posted in 2012.